Because everyone else seems to be focused on serious items, like the presidential debate and Matt Holliday’s slide into Marco Scutaro, I figured I’d attack an even more important issue. That’s right, Brian Wilson getting his nails done!

These photos come from a loyal reader after reading the post we ran earlier, and like the first picture it came from a trip to the salon that Wilson took yesterday.

First, here is another angle of Wilson’s manicure. I’m getting different reports on the color, whether it’s orange and black or red and black. Forget Libya and assault weapons, there’s your debate topic!

And here’s proof that in Wilson’s case, the toes match the drapes. Wait, I mean … oh forget it, here’s a the first picture of a man’s bare foot ever shown on BASG. A proud day, indeed.

Finally, here’s a photo of Wilson’s scooter, which includes a mounted camera, a horn that appears to be powered by a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Raphael), and a San Francisco Giants logo.

When I asked Hunter Pence about his scooter back in September, he mentioned that his motivation to get one came when he saw Wilson’s “souped up” scooter designed by Giants chef Joe Day. Based on photos we’ve seen and a comment on this site a reader named Justin made earlier today, it looks like Wilson is putting a lot of miles on that scooter.