Mr. T, without The Razor: Tom Tolbert’s emotional first segment (audio)

“It is The Razor and Mr. T … actually it’s not The Razor and Mr. T anymore, it’s, it’s just Mr. T. For those of you that do not know, have not been on the internet or have not heard from a friend, not been on Twitter … my partner of 15 years, Ralph Barbieri, is no longer with KNBR.

“You know, it’s tough when you’ve, when you’ve been with somebody that long … (long pause) … 15 years … (long pause) … I knew this was gonna be tough … (long pause) … I mean you come in here … every single day and you just kind of take it for granted that it’s going to go on forever and you know things don’t. We all … (long pause) … hold on a second … as much as we watch sports and we see careers come and go, you’re never really prepared for when they end.”

Tom Tolbert (first segment after Ralph Barbieri’s termination was made public)

To listen to that and the rest of Wednesday’s first segment, where Tolbert choked up several times (especially in the beginning), click here.

“When we showed up, we just had a great chemistry. It was just a great chemistry. And, as to the reasons why, that was above my head so I’m just not really going to get into that.”

Update: Ralph Barbieri’s response to the firing, which he says wasn’t an “amicable parting.” (Talking Points)

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