As reported earlier today, Mychael Urban will no longer serve as CSN Bay Area’s MLB Insider. Comcast SportsNet Bay Area’s statement on the matter reads, “Mychael Urban is no longer employed with Comcast SportsNet. We appreciate his contributions over the last few years and we wish him well.”

I asked Urban if he would like to respond, and he replied with a statement of his own:

“I was informed Wednesday that my option year is not being picked up. Yet another reason to envy Jeremy Affeldt.

I’m proud of having helped grow into what it’s become, and I particularly enjoyed learning the TV side, but this is a subjective business, and while I know the majority of people at CSN were pleased with my work, those in power were not.

They felt a change was needed, so they did what they felt they had to do. Anyone who’s lost a job right before the holidays knows how difficult it is on a family, though, so rather than lament what I’ve lost or rail against perceived wrongs, I have to take it like a man, move on as quickly as possible to make sure my wife and little girls are happy and healthy, and thank CSN for the opportunity.”