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NBA reporting gone mad: Real GM commenter out-scoops Bucher, M-Jax replacing Kidd in Brooklyn?

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Want to know how much news gathering has changed? Ric Bucher is apologizing for reporting stuff that didn’t come to fruition, and an anonymous poster at Real GM is nailing even crazier stories with uncanny accuracy.

First, the Bric Ucher thing.

Hey, at least Bric apologized. And he’s had a very successful career, taking a path that has led him to 95.7 The Game and Bleacher Report. But he’s also wrong fairly often.

Kevin Love isn’t on the Warriors yet, but it’s pretty clear that the deal isn’t officially “dead,” either. But this isn’t about crapping on Bucher, who, again, went the extra mile with the kind of apology rarely seen from a reporter. No, this is about congratulating the unappreciated reporters out there. That’s right, forum commenters.

carl2680 jason kidd bucks Sounds crazy, since it took about half a season with the Nets for Jason Kidd to shed the “embattled” label, but it’s true.

But that’s not all, according to Carl2680!

It makes some sense for the Nets and Mark Jackson to work out an arrangement, even though Jackson’s church is in the L.A. area. More sense than the Bucks thinking Kidd would be a suitable candidate to run an NBA franchise, anyway. Jackson is a New York guy, and he’d probably get along pretty well with the famous veterans on Brooklyn’s roster.

And would you look at that:

Someone get Carl2680 a morning show!

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