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NBA Tuesday: BASG Power Poll

Before I list the current hierarchy of the NBA, let’s introduce a new feature: The NBA rap lyric of the week. I know what you’re thinking: BASG, rappers barely ever talk about anything besides guns they think they saw on Scarface and brands of purses. Why are you wasting our time? I mean, we all have Facebook accounts and stuff.

The thing is, your friend the BASG has an incredible memory for two different things: sports trivia and rap lyrics. If someone could have focused my brain’s energy towards things like Organic Chemistry I could be a doctor, but the main person in charge of my brain (me) decided long ago it would be more lucrative to memorize every lyric from Raekwon’s “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.” And now you get to reap the rewards!

Plus, let’s face it, if a rapper makes an intelligent reference to the NBA their songs probably aren’t just about guns and purses.

NBA Rap Lyric of the Week, courtesy of The Cool Kids (song: Jingling; album: The Bake Sale)

Uh… they jingling baby
Like keys in my pocket
When my hands in my pocket
Looking for my wallet
Motor City technically Rasheed Wallace
Then move to Chicago for dollars like Ben Wallace

Even though Chuck seemed to take the easy way out in rhyming “Wallace” with “Wallace,” the knowledge of Sheed’s penchant for gettting T’d up simply cannot be ignored, nor can the respect shown to Uncle L. And yes, I promise not to mention The Cool Kids again for at least two weeks.

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