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NBA Tuesday: Maggette’s concussions have to worry Warriors

I noticed that Corey Maggette underwent what was termed as “minor surgery” on Monday, trying to alleviate the pain that plagued his right wrist for a good part of last season. OK, whatever. Here’s what’s scary: while perusing the rest of the short story, the following passage can’t help but jump off the screen:

The 10-year pro hobbled through 51 games last season with several injuries, including a sprained right hand, a sore back, a torn hamstring and (emphasis mine) post-concussion syndrome.

With all this talk about trading for Amare Stoudemire, it’s easy to forget there’s a decent chance their $10 million/per year sixth-man small forward will end up becoming the next Mike Matheny, Steve Young or Troy Aikman. Forget trading Maggette this summer, the only way the Warriors are getting out of the knee-jerk contract they signed him to last summer is if recurring concussions force Maggette to retire.

Unfortunately for Maggette, his offensive game (which in effect means “his entire game”) is to absorb contact and get to the line, and the NBA doesn’t allow helmets. One K-Mart elbow to Maggette’s dome and his entire career could be over, if he’s even able to overcome the lingering effects of post-concussion syndrome that plagued him at the end of last year.

Remember, Maggette was a ghost during the last month of the year. I remember all too well, because I stupidly kept him on my fantasy team.

When you take Maggette’s history as a notorious malingerer into account (it may sound unfair in the case of someone who’s dealing with concussions, but Maggette is has always been one of the NBA’s least durable players — something that makes the decision to sign him after letting Baron Davis go all the more curious), it makes a little more sense for the Warriors to go all-out for Stoudemire. Stoudemire is as worthless on the defensive end as Maggette, but he scores and rebounds at a higher rate and is less averse to running.

Don Nelson obviously wants to win by having the most scoring talent and athleticism on his side. With Maggette’s career possibly in the balance, Nelson’s going to make sure he gets another 20 ppg scorer this month, whether it’s Stoudemire or someone else (Ray Allen? Tracy McGrady? Jamal Crawford?).

NBA Tuesday late night linkfest

  • According to Adam Lauridsen, trading for Stoudemire would be a Maggette redux. What, did you expect the Warriors to learn from their mistakes? (Fast Break)
  • Stop the presses! Tim Kawakami says he has “two high-placed NBA sources” (as opposed to MLS sources) who claim Stoudemire doesn’t want to come to the Warriors because he thinks he’d be joining a depleted team and he doesn’t want to play center. If what these “sources” say is true, maybe “Stat” isn’t worth the trouble. (Talking Points)
  • The guy most likely to be the No. 1 pick in next year’s NBA Draft likely hasn’t even entered college yet. (
  • Charlie Villanueva will be an unrestricted free agent. Although the Cavs seem to want him, I can’t help but think he’s a possible sign-and-trade candidate for the Warriors if the Stoudemire deal falls through. Another Twitterholic who only worries about scoring — he’d be perfect! (CBS Sports)
  • Well of course the Memphis Grizzlies should do this, they have to reunite him with Darius Miles: “Insiders contend the organization remains undeterred in its efforts to consummate a trade for Los Angeles Clippers forward Zach Randolph.” Sad thing is, I couldn’t be less shocked. (Memphis Commercial-Appeal)
  • For causing an auto accident that killed his friend, Denver Nuggets’ chicken-dancer J.R. Smith got sentenced to 90 days in jail, of which he’ll probably serve 30. Smith was heard saying, “The worst thing about this is I’m running out of room for tattoos.” OK, maybe I made that up. (ESPN via AP)
  • To end this on a brighter note, here’s a cool interview of Anthony Randolph’s high school coach, Pat Washington. (
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