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NBA Tuesday: Power Poll Time!

Let’s see, there’s no more baseball, the 49ers played a divisional game so boring last night that the ESPN announcers were openly looking forward to seeing the Jets play next week for the entire fourth quarter, the Raiders are coming back to earth, college football is about ready to take their month-long break before fielding a bunch of artificial bowl games and the local college basketball teams look to be mediocre at best.

Yep, sounds like it’s just the right time to bring back NBA Tuesday!

I haven’t done a power poll in a while, so bear with me. I’m a little rusty. Without further ado…

1. San Antonio Spurs (14-2): Hottest team in the league comes to Oracle two hours after this post goes live.

2. Boston Celtics (12-4): Playing 29 mpg, Glen Davis should have more than 4.8 rpg. KG’s back though, so it doesn’t matter.

3. L.A. Lakers (13-4): Best Lakers team since the 1980’s took last week off.

4. Utah Jazz (14-5): Better without Boozer.

5. Dallas Mavericks (13-4): Remember when Tyson Chandler and Eddy Curry were always mentioned together, and Curry was the guy with more potential?

6. Orlando Magic (12-4): They need to make a deal, or they’ll be in this spot forever.

7. Oklahoma City Thunder (12-6): Apparently they wait until people stop paying attention to play well.

8. New Orleans Hornets (12-5): Marco Belinelli plays 30 mpg. Title contenders, they are not.

9. Chicago Bulls (9-6): Dwyane Wade is probably wishing he would have signed here.

10. Denver Nuggets (10-6): Good team … at home.

11. Indiana Pacers (8-7): There’s something feisty about this team.

12. Atlanta Hawks (11-7): There’s something wussy about this team.

13. Miami Heat (10-8): There’s something bitchy about this team.

14. Portland Trailblazers (8-8): Forget the injuries; this team can’t shoot.

15. Phoenix Suns (8-9): Might be first time Suns miss the playoffs since Nash arrived.

16. New York Knicks (9-9): I admit, I was wrong on Anthony Randolph.

17. Golden State Warriors (8-9): Did everyone benefit from playing on Team USA this summer other than Stephen Curry?

18. Memphis Grizzlies (7-10): I thought Marc Gasol would be better this year.

19. Cleveland Cavaliers (7-9): Leon Powe’s the only reason for me to pay attention to this team.

20. Charlotte Bobcats (6-11): Stephen Jackson meltdown in full effect.

21. Milwaukee Bucks (6-11): Speaking of teams that can’t shoot…

22. Toronto Raptors (6-11): Their uniforms are kind of pink, aren’t they?

23. Houston Rockets (5-12): If Kevin Martin’s on your team, you probably aren’t going to be doing a whole lot of, you know, winning.

24. Detroit Pistons (6-11): Totally forgot Tracy McGrady’s on this team. Averaging 4.3 ppg, so Pistons fans have, too.

25. New Jersey Nets (6-11): How’s that Jordan Farmar signing working out for ya?

26. Washington Wizards (5-11): Just trade Gilbert and give John Wall the ball already.

27. Sacramento Kings (4-11): It would be fun if they moved to Las Vegas with DeMarcus on this team.

28. Philadelphia 76ers (4-13): Lots of talk about Iggy coming to the Warriors, where he’d get to lose in a different conference.

29. Minnesota Timberwolves (4-13): Kevin Love’s playing so well, I feel like comparing him to a bunch of great white guys who used to play in the NBA.

30. L.A. Clippers (3-15): Am I the only one who gets the feeling that Baron Davis spends most of his time watching Entourage DVD’s?

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