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NBA Tuesday: Should the Lakers sit Bynum?

NBA Tuesday used to be a regular feature around these parts, and then I finally got a job after a year of freelancing and unemployment checks, and my over-ambitious power-rankings-and-other-NBA-stuff feature became too high of a mountain to climb week after week.

In other words, writing such a long post was a task that came with diminishing returns, especially with bosses that are actually paying me to write things hovering over my shoulder.

But for this week and perhaps until the end of the playoffs, (mini) NBA Tuesday is back. Without the power rankings (if you don’t know who’s on top, you probably didn’t click “read more” on this post).

— If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times: if Jason Richardson’s your third-best player, you probably aren’t winning an NBA title.

— Since the Lakers proved that they have the two biggest mismatches in the series (size and Kobe vs. anybody the Suns put on him), is it even necessary to have Andrew Bynum suit up until the Finals? It looks as if Pau Gasol, Ron Artest and Lamar Odom (who dropped a 19/19 last night) can handle Amare Stoudemire, Robin Lopez and Louis Amundsen, and Bynum looked pretty weak last night after complaining publicly that his knee isn’t getting better. The Lakers could definitely use Bynum against the Celtics or Magic, however it’s not even clear if rest will help his knee heal anyway. In retrospect, the Lakers probably should have made him go under the knife for an arthroscopic procedure before the Jazz series.

— Anybody else feel like the minute the Lakers/Suns series is over, Lopez and Amundsen are going to backpack through Europe?

— The Suns’ problem is that they can’t rely on Stoudemire to score 30 ppg unless Odom can’t stay out of foul trouble, so their only true offensive advantages either rest on Steve Nash ballhogging against Derek Fisher or their role players making at least 45% of their threes. It could happen, but in 4 of the next 6 games?

— LeBron’s never been one of my favorites, and the reason why is beyond the sprint-from-behind blocks and otherworldly rebounds, I don’t enjoy watching him play that much. Contrast LeBron’s bulldozer style of driving the lane and ugly jumper with Kobe Bryant, whose footwork and jumpshot are as fundamentally sound as anybody in the league. And I know somebody’s going to give me s— for that last comment.

— T-minus one hour until the Warriors end up finding out that they will pick either 4th or 5th in the next NBA Draft! Wonder what kind of suit Larry Riley will be wearing!

— Isn’t Riley presiding over this lottery for the Dubs sort of like the Cavs letting Mike Brown choose their new logo or something?

— The Lakers’ play after the OKC series, along with the Celtics’ resurgence, shows that as much as NBA fans always look forward to a time when the current contenders go away (which is why nobody cried when the Spurs got swept), change in the NBA usually takes quite a bit of time to take hold. So if you’re expecting L. Bron Hubbard’s Knicks to take on the Thunder in next year’s NBA Finals, shoot me an email ( I’d LOVE to bet against that happening.

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