Today was kind of like the day after Thanksgiving.  We all know it – networks immediately start running their sponsors’ most dolled-up Christmas ads.  Department stores everywhere rip down the turkey paraphernalia and throw up the red and green lights, preparing for Black Friday shoppers.  Kiddies everywhere rummage through their parents’ closets in search of shiny wrapped boxes, because they know their favorite day isn’t far off.

If you’re a 49ers fan, that’s probably how today felt.  Reporters gathered at 49ers headquarters in Santa Clara to watch the veterans report, hoping for some substantial quotes and goings-on.  Twitter timelines flooded with #QuestForSix hashtags and I’m sure that some people broke those jerseys out of their closets.  Yes, the first day of Training Camp means the season is nearing, and this one was not short of excitement for the red and gold.

Dashon Goldson signs his franchise tag

Well that certainly went down without a hitch, now didn’t it? Goldson and the 49ers may have been far apart when it came to agreeing to a long term deal, but the 49ers’ Pro Bowl safety had no trouble agreeing to his $6.2M franchise tag on Thursday. How easy was it?

“It was a no brainer,” said Goldson. “I owed it to my teammates. Those guys have been working extremely hard and I missed a little bit of the offseason earlier, and I didn’t want to miss another part of training camp.”

Photo courtesy of Matt Maiocco

The fact that Goldson signed on the outset of Training Camp isn’t altogether surprising, especially after he said as much with Rich Gannon on Sirius XM NFL Radio. It looked as if contract talks with Goldson might have been trouble earlier in the offseason, but it appears that both sides have come to some sort of understanding. If Goldson wants top safety money, he’s going to have to perform like one of the league’s top safeties for two years in a row.

Randy Moss isn’t a fan of the camera

Alex Smith’s shiniest new toy – Randy Moss – showed up to Training Camp early yesterday, looking skinny (and a little, uh, bummy?) if you ask me. The veteran wide receiver has been a model citizen so far this offseason, saying all the right things and making all the right moves. That is – until today.

This afternoon, Eric Branch tweeted about this interaction between Moss and an unnamed photographer:

Nothing to get too worked up about, I’m sure. Maybe Randy just had his game face on and really wasn’t in the mood. Besides, he looked good doing it, according to Branch:

49ers add another 375 lbs worth of Davis

Trent Baalke, in the biggest surprise of the day, signed three-time Pro Bowl Guard Leonard Davis to a one-year deal. The terms of the deal have yet to be announced.

Davis (6-6, 375 lbs) is 33 years old and coming into his twelfth year in the league. He spent his first six seasons with the Arizona Cardinals before playing another four with the Dallas Cowboys. He signed with the Detroit Lions in the middle of the 2011 season but never played. He has, however, remained reliable, starting in all 155 games that he appeared.

Davis underwent foot surgery early in the offseason before coming in for a visit with the team. Baalke & Co. let Davis – along with other offensive line options, like Geoff Schwartz – walk without a contract.  But Davis returned and passed his physical with the 49ers, allowing him to sign. He will now likely compete for the starting position at right guard with youngins Alex Boone and Daniel Kilgore. Go ahead and add this to your list of “juicy Training Camp position battles to watch for” in the upcoming weeks.