Brandon Jacobs

NFL Playoff Sunday: Hits and misses

Some thoughts after watching both NFL Playoff games on Sunday:

Brandon Jacobs is really, really good. He was the reason the Patriots had to fight to stay undefeated last week, and he was a beast catching the ball against Tampa Bay. His yardage totals weren’t all that spectacular today, but there’s no way the Giants miss Tiki Barber (who will from now on in this space be referred to as Tookie Badookie).

Jacobs looks fairly injury-prone so far in his career, so the play of Ahmad Bradshaw was a great sign for the NYG’s. Bradshaw runs like Marion Barber, giving more punishment than he receives like a fullback without running as slow as a traditional fullback like Mike (overrated) Alstott.

Eli Manning played most of the game like his other-worldly first half against the Patriots. Peyton won a Super Bowl with many (including this guy) doubting he would ever win a big game. So, maybe, I’ll hold off on proclaiming that Eli has no chance at reaching the same heights. That being said, Eli sure underthrows a lot of his shorter routes, especially when chased out of the pocket. Eli’s great at the 15-yard outs, but he also throws more passes at receivers’ feet than my friend Aaron during a game of two-hand-touch.

It was nice watching 58-year-old Amani Toomer play a big role, especially for those who pay attention to De La Salle football. Having a last name like Toomer has to suck, though. He has to have heard as many bad Arnold Schwarzenegger imitations as anybody alive. I think I’ve heard too many of those just watching the Giants on TV in sports bars.

After watching the Giants’ pass rush on against the Bucs, I think New York has a pretty decent shot at upsetting the Cowboys next week. If I was Tom Coughlin, I wouldn’t watch video, I wouldn’t draw up defensive schemes, I wouldn’t do anything until I made sure that Jessica Simpson was a part of the show.

Coughlin should be looking at press passes, halftime interviews with Joe Buck and/or Frank Caliendo, and a prime luxury box for Jessica, whose career could definitely use the help. In a semi-related note, I heard Jessica’s going to try her hand at country music. Good for her.

The Tennessee/San Diego game was about one thing: Vince Young not only can’t throw downfield at all, and he has nobody to throw the ball to. I defy anybody who watched today’s game and doesn’t have a lifetime love affair with the Titans (like my friend Ashish) to name two Titans wide receivers.

If Antonio Gates is seriously hurt, goodbye Chargers. There’s no way Vincent Jackson is going off like he did today against the Colts. Part of me wishes Jacksonville and San Diego would win next week, just to imagine the reactions in the CBS boardroom. No, I’m lying, I want to watch Pats/Colts again. I can’t help it, it’s the only thing in the NFL worth caring about. It’s like watching the Niners and Cowboys 15 years ago, the last time the NFL truly deserved their place as the top league in the country.

With half the callers to KNBR suggesting Marty Schottenheimer as the next Niners coach (showing how truly desparate Niners-nation has become, if there is such a country), it should be noted that Norv Turner won the first playoff game for the Chargers since 1994. To be fair to Marty, I don’t think any of his Chargers playoff teams ever faced a team as weak as this year’s Titans collection (sorry, Ashish).

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