A no-no at Great American Ballpark? That does it, this is the last you’ll hear from me until the end of July. I’m flying to Hong Kong tonight, where my wife and I will hang out at the airport for a few hours before flying to Bali. After Bali there will be stops in Malaysia and Thailand, and the entire process will take a few weeks. That means I won’t get to watch the San Francisco Giants, and somehow I’ll have to find a way to cope. I appreciate Homer Bailey making it so easy to leave.

That doesn’t mean BASG shuts down, not even close. Actually, I’m pretty confident you’ll see more content on the site during my absence than usual. East Bay Sports Guy, Ruthless Sports Guy, Giants Gamer Babe, Bay Area Stats Guy, Bay Area Duck Guy, Wendy Thurm, James “Raiders Reporter” Arcellana, Mad Sports Guy and LOL KNBR Callers (holy crap, this site has a lot of writers now) will cover every angle, every sport, every team. Except the Earthquakes … and the SF Bulls.

The aforementioned writers will probably have a lot to write about. By the time I get back, the A’s and Giants could look quite a bit different than they do now. We’ll return to San Francisco a few days before the MLB Trade Deadline, but something tells me we’ll see changes before then, at least on the Giants’ roster. There will surely be some NBA personnel moves will surprise some people — maybe the Warriors will land Dwight Howard or re-sign Jarrett Jack. The Sharks are pulling off all kinds of transactions lately (they traded T.J. Galiardi today). And who’ll be the next Seahawk to let the world know how much he despises Jim Harbaugh?

Whatever crazy happenings take place in the Bay Area sports world while I’m gone, you’ll be in good hands, thanks to a phenomenal group of writers I’m ridiculously lucky to call teammates. And finally, I hope everyone has a happy and healthy July (and that the Giants can muster a hit or two while I’m gone).