Brett Pill

No idea how the Giants won last night — literally

Instead of in my regular location during what has become a very strange version of pennant race baseball — the couch — I was at a wedding in San Ramon last night. My buddy Sean tied the knot at this ranch at the end of Bollinger Canyon Road. Good wedding, bad reception. So when I say I have no idea how the Giants won, I really have no idea beyond what I gleaned from the box score and a little internet research.

I snuck away and checked the car radio at the top the 8th inning, and while I didn’t hear the score from Jon Miller, he did say that Huston Street was coming in to pitch in his current role of 8th inning setup guy. Along with Miller’s almost desperate plea to Andres Torres to do anything possible to get on base, Miller’s tone told me the Giants were on their way to a loss. Too bad, since the Padres had a 3-1 lead over Arizona in the 9th. After about a minute I had to get back up to the wedding, because dinner was winding down and champagne toasts were upcoming. So I missed Torres get on base, leading to the 4-run 8th that helped keep their season alive, such as it is.

It was about an hour or so until the best man and I could pry ourselves from the reception, but we made it back to our car in time to hear Marty Lurie ponder the possibility of a Padres sweep and Giants sweep the next day. Well isn’t that something…

The Return of Brian Wilson

— Bruce Bochy says he might use Wilson today in Colorado, but not in a save situation. He’ll be the full-time closer on Tuesday. If Wilson comes in today and reaches mid-90s with at least moderate control, that’s a huge emotional boost for a team that’s as hot as they’ve been all season.

— This season is insane. They get hot now? At the absolute very last possible moment where it could mean anything? And even if the Giants keep playing better defense than they have all season while the opposition keeps making wayward throws and botching grounders, even if the Giants hit better than they have all season, this season could still be over by Thursday. Not complaining, I don’t know anybody who’s ready to cede the postseason to four other National League cities just yet.

— Brett Pill did all he could last night (2 triples?!?!), but still couldn’t make it ahead of Aubrey Huff in today’s lineup. Bruce Bochy’s thought of as one of the most vet-friendly managers in history, but his allegiance to righty/lefty matchups may be even stronger.

— Eric Surkamp walked 6 guys last night? Maybe someone who watched last night’s game can tell me if it was because he had really poor command or if the home plate umpire decided to repeatedly remind Surkamp of his rookie status.

Holy crap, the game just started!

— Mike Fontenot!!!! What a home run. He is one of the Giants’ most impressive BP hitters. I always thought that was a symbol of how bad the Giants’ offense is this season, but he really does have some unbelievable power. 2-0 Giants, and I’m officially way behind.

— My head is spinning.

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