Barry Bonds

No Sign of Barry After the Divorce

In a move that makes hypocrisy sound like an understatement, the San Francisco Giants have decided to remove all Barry Bonds signs from AT&T Park.

Maybe since they know they’re probably in for their most dismal season on the field in over a decade, they don’t want fans’ eyes to wander too much.

Not that this development is a surprise, but it shows the Giants kept Bonds around solely for money. Now they’re embarrassed that he performed his amazing feats in San Francisco, but they were more than happy to celebrate each milestone up until Barry’s strangely anticlimactic final home game last September.

The Giants need to understand they can’t have it both ways. If 3 million or so people were willing to come and watch Bonds last year, why would they frown on a few signs with his name on them?

Last season was entirely based on Bonds surpassing Hank Aaron, and now that he has left, the Giants are playing the role of a spurned lover, taking pictures off the mirror and ripping them in half.

If the team stood by their decision it would be far more respectable. Even though they let a toxic personality with blood nearly as toxic coursing through his veins pretty much rule the entire organization for years, at least it seemed like they stood for something: Barry Bonds is a jerk, but he’s our jerk.

By taking any proof of Barry Bonds and sticking it in the AT&T Park shed next to mechanical Rusty, it shows the Giants to be twice as cowardly – afraid to let Bonds leave before he earned the record, and afraid to acknowledge the team’s own misguided devotion to Bonds over the years.

Alright Tim, all we Need is 35 More Starts Just Like That one

– Tim Lincecum struck out nine last night in five no-hit innings against the A’s. If he can do that against teams that didn’t just get back from Japan the Giants may not be as bad as most people (including your friend the BA Sports Guy) think.

– The Lakers lost last night to the Memphis Grizzlies, despite 53 from Kobe, after losing Wednesday in Charlotte. Somewhere the Warriors are saying, “See? Playing the scrubs is hard work!”

– Anybody else going to be rooting for whoever goes up against Boston in the NBA Finals? No offense to any Bostonians visiting the site, but enough is enough.

– Stanford lost to Texas yesterday, as I figured they would, and UCLA plays this afternoon. You know what both games have in common? I’m unable to watch either of them because I’m at work. We have a plasma screen here, but no cable. It’s sort of like having Barry Bonds in your lineup and signing Rich Aurilia to protect him. But nobody would ever do that…oh, whoops.

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