Andris Biedrins

No Trades for the Warriors, Just Entertainment

For the many that flipped back and forth from Lakers/Suns to Celtics/Warriors, it was one of the best nights of regular season NBA action ever.

(Of course, I have to tell myself that sitting on the couch with my remote was better than being at The Oracle, especially after finding out after the fact that I could have gotten tickets through Sports Girl Liz’s work. Good thing we both left our cellphones at home.)

While Shaq did look like he was trying hard in his Suns debut, even hitting the floor a couple of times on purpose, it was Kobe who asserted his dominance against the Suns with 41 points. Especially if Bynum comes back healthy, the Lakers have to be the favorites in the Western Conference, Kurt Thomas (new Spur) and Jason Kidd (new Mav) notwithstanding.

The Warriors proved for the upteenth time they are the most exciting team in the league, especially with Chris Webber on the bench. And after the trade deadline came and went today without a peep from the W’s, it looks like Webber will be the only in-season addition to the current ninth-seed in the West.

Like Gary Radnich said today, even if they don’t make the playoffs, nobody can claim that Golden State hasn’t provided more than enough entertainment this year. However, with visions of Artests and Brands dancing through Bay Area heads, it’s tough to see this team getting past the first round now that the whole conference has fair warning from last year’s Dallas series.

Warriors fans have to be pleased with the fight their guys show against great teams. Especially Andris Biedrins, who has to get his appendix removed, ASAP. Apparently appendicitis was bothering him against the Celtics, but not enough to stop him from getting 21 points and 13 rebounds.

Now Biedrins will be out for a week, and I don’t think they offer Mystic tan at the hospital. The only good news is we’ll see more Patty O’Bryant and Brandan Wright, two players I suspect aren’t as bad as Don Nelson thinks.

However, I’m sure that Biedrins’ new ailment wouldn’t hurt the team as badly if they had somehow procured Pau Gasol from the Grizzlies. After watching him run up and down the floor on Phoenix last night, helping make Shaq look every bit of his 35 years, I think the whole Western Conference probably wishes the Lakers didn’t get the prize of the midseason.

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