Damon Bruce and Kate Scott (via @DamonBruce)

Damon Bruce and Kate Scott (via @DamonBruce)

This probably isn’t a huge surprise to regular readers, but Damon Bruce finished in the top spot among those who commented on their favorite Bay Area sports talk show from noon-to-3. Bruce beat every host back in November when we polled you on the top hosts for each station regardless of time slot, and by the looks of things most of the active commenters on this site still flip over to KNBR 1050 at lunchtime.

Counting up the results wasn’t as easy as one might think, since some of the 56 comments were replies to other people, and a few of you mentioned shows on other stations. By my count, here are the final results:

  1. The Damon Bruce Show: 19 votes
  2. Fitz & Brooks (Bob Fitzgerald and Rod Brooks): 8 votes
  3. The Wheelhouse (John Lund and Greg Papa): 4 votes

A funny thing happened a day after the “favorite hosts” post went live — Kyle “Ruthless Sports Guy” McLorg wrote a post that labeled Bruce’s Sharks analysis as “trolling.” Bruce responded on Twitter, which led to an interesting back and forth between myself, Ruthless, Bruce and several others.

(People love Twitter “beefs.” Case in point: I introduced myself to Jed York at the Alex Boone rhino naming event at the San Francisco Zoo that afternoon, and the first thing he said was, “I saw you going back and forth with Damon Bruce this morning.”)

Bruce opened up his show with a segment about Kyle’s post — he definitely didn’t appreciate the use of the word “trolling,” and went through the post and explained his thinking and how it pertains to his chosen profession. It was extremely entertaining radio, but here’s what I appreciated:

— Most radio hosts in large markets wouldn’t even respond on Twitter to a post about them from an independent site like ours, let alone discuss a post that wasn’t 100% complimentary on the air.

— Bruce went one step further and invited both of us to appear on his show.

That wasn’t an empty promise, either. I just got a call from Bruce’s producer, Dan Wilson, who invited us to come down to the KNBR studios and join Bruce for a full hour, starting at 1 pm. So if you’re around a radio between 1 pm and 2 pm, give KNBR 1050 a listen and check out how Ruthless and I sound with Bruce running the show instead of Joey McMurry.