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Not everyone’s sold on Michael Crabtree

The sky is falling. No really, it is. Have you seen the reports? Children are getting sick from making out with pigs, the Los Angeles Dodgers are the best home team ever and the Warriors are trying to trade for yet another swingman. What can you do? What you already do, hole up in your house, apartment or cubicle and search the Internet for answers. Click these links for further instructions:

–Second player listed in this article titled “Biggest high-risk, high-reward picks of ’09 draft”? Michael Crabtree. The first time Crabtree sprints all-out will probably be the top story of training camp. Yes, even ahead of the “quarterback competition” between Shaun Hill and Alex Smith. (Fox Sports)

–In case you missed it, it looks like Kevin Lynch is beginning to come around on the man he calls “Crabby”. (Niner Insider)

–Hopefully Crabtree will wait until he retires to go on Dancing With The Stars‘ “DanceCenter” segment while wearing a vest and bowtie with no shirt. Like Jerry Rice. No, seriously…Dancing With The Stars…shirtless. You won’t find a bigger Rice fan than me, but this is unforgivable. (Awful Announcing)

–The Warriors are reportedly interested in Andrei Kirilenko, possibly for some combination of Jamal Crawford and Corey Maggette. Not a bad sounding trade if you believe the Jazz would actually be interested in such a defenseless pair, although the Jazz were reportedly interested in Maggette when he was a free agent last summer. (Salt Lake Tribune)

–Some of the grades are a little high on this Warriors “Smalls” report card (a “B” for C.J. Watson and a “B-” for Marco Belinelli seem very generous), but Adam Lauridsen catches fire at the end of this post when he reviews all the gruesome details of a certain overweight, underused point guard: “Few subplots capture the aimless, nonsensical wandering of the Warriors’ season better than the saga of Marcus Williams.” (Fast Break)

–The NL West race is over, and the Dodgers are officially your first team in the 2009 MLB Playoffs. Unless the whole team gets the swine flu. (FanGraphs)

–Bruce Bochy says the Giants aren’t ready to bring up Jesus Guzman to play first base yet, even though they haven’t had a home run from the position this season. (Extra Baggs)

–And lastly, if you’re a Vikings fan and hate Brett Favre, the sky truly is falling. I feel for Drew Magary, whose post titled “F–k you, Brett Favre” includes this bit of wisdom (among MANY others): “Say what you will of openly douchebaggy people like Matt Leinart or Spencer Pratt. At least there are no illusions when it comes to those gents’ intentions. Everything about Favre – from his style of play to his carefully cultivated everyman image – is complete bullshit, and everything about the man is tiresome, to the point where bitching about him being tiresome has become an even more tiresome enterprise than whatever it is that makes him tiresome to begin with.” (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

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