Dwight Howard

Not so Sorry I Missed the Costume Party

Sorry about the delay in posts, I was in South Lake Tahoe playing in the snow.

After over three days of sports deprivation (no cable or KNBR), I worried about all I may have missed during my long weekend.

Apparently, the only thing that happened was Dwight Howard dressing up as Superman to win the dunk contest on Saturday. It was all Damon Bruce was talking about today on KNBR as he filled in for Fitz and Brooks.

While Damon touched on the fact that he didn’t actually hit his hand on the rim, he still seemed pretty excited about the costume, the dunk, and the contest as a whole. Of course, Damon may have been just reaching to find something to talk about on a holiday during the slowest sports month of the year. Still, my curiosity was piqued, and I just got home and youtubed the dunk.

Let’s just say it’s OK I left town.

Howard was wearing a cape, and he did jump very high. But it wasn’t even a dunk; it was a quick throw-down from six inches away. If he did the same dunk in his normal attire, it probably wouldn’t have registered with anybody. But since Kenny Smith wouldn’t stop yelling and everyone was so excited to see Howard as the Man of Steel, the crowd reacted as if a 23-year-old Michael Jordan just time-traveled to New Orleans and dunked from the three-point line.

I know the NBA is the biggest male soap opera going, but the most exciting thing about All-Star Weekend was a costume change? Is Howard a member of the Orlando Magic or one of Hef’s “Girls Next Door” getting ready for a theme party?

I’ve already heard people say that the props and costumes used on Saturday signal a return to prominence for what used to be the most anticipated sideshow of the year. Nope, it means that the dunks aren’t getting any better, the players are running out of ideas (also shown by another dunk contest participant, Rudy Gay, soliciting ideas from fans via the Internet), and the NBA needs to revamp All-Star Weekend.

Maybe the NBA could add in a game of HORSE or a halfcourt shot competition to make All-Star Saturday worth watching again. All I know is that watching Howard almost-dunk with a cape on makes me feel OK about planning another trip this time next year.

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