Just months after the Seattle Seahawks traded away their first-round pick and shelled out $25.5M in guaranteed money for Percy Harvin, some bad news came down through the receiver’s official Twitter account:

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the timeline for return from Harvin’s hip surgery is three to four months. In other words, if Harvin were to have his surgery tomorrow he would be back for the first weekend of November at the very earliest. His surgery is on Thursday, and even with the urgency he’ll likely be unavailable for longer.

So the Seahawks overpaid for a risky player and now they’re biting the bullet. Hardy-har-har, amiright?

We’ve been through this before, Bay Area sports fans. Remember when Hanley Ramirez needed surgery on his thumb and Giants fans everywhere had a good laugh at the Dodgers’ expense? Yeah, about that

While I admittedly chuckled over Harvin’s use of the word “half” in his tweet (rather insensitive of me), now probably isn’t the best time to pop champagne bottles over the Seahawks’ misfortunes.

In case you need a few reasons …

— Michael Crabtree (the 49ers’ best wide receiver not named Anquan Boldin) is suffering from an Achilles tear that will keep him out for about the same amount of time, if not longer.

— Even without Harvin, the Seahawks have a considerably more talented wide receiving corps.

— About 90% of the wideouts on the 49ers roster are currently injured. Some are more serious (Crabtree, Mario Manningham) than others (Kyle Williams, Ricardo Lockette, A.J. Jenkins), but training camp and preseason are long, horribly evil beasts. Casualties could still be coming.

We enjoy the 49ers-Seahawks rivalry here at Bay Area Sports Guy. While we don’t condone horrible “Gangnam Style” remixes or phallic photoshops, we believe they add to the fun of the game. When it comes to the Harvin injury however, perhaps less “LOL Seahawks” tweets and more praying at the 49ers’ health altar is in order.