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Now that Melo’s out, Warriors need Plan B

Seeing as he’s a defensive liability, he’s made several questionable decisions off the court and seems to have his life ruled by a has-been former MTV V.J. with a phenomenally stupid name, the fact that the Warriors have little-to-no chance at procuring Carmelo Anthony’s services could definitely be considered a blessing. So the guy wants to be a Knick. Who can blame him? Stephen Curry wanted to be a Knick too, he just didn’t have the power to pull an Eli Manning/John Elway/Steve Francis/Kobe Bryant/whoever-else-I’m-forgetting and force a trade to another team immediately after the draft.

However, it leaves the Warriors with one less superstar they can possibly acquire, in a league where superstars are precious commodities that teams hold onto like Honus Wagner rookie cards (just look at how quickly Rudy Gay and Joe Johnson were maxed out last summer). But the Warriors can’t count on the draft to get them out of the back-end of the Lottery quicksand they’re stuck in. They need to pull off another trade like the one that brought them Baron Davis (who gets heckled regularly by Clippers owner Donald Sterling), only this time they’d probably prefer a player with Baron’s talent who doesn’t have the work ethic of a DMV clerk with seniority.

But who’s available? Is anybody available? Probably not, but their only chance at this point is to prey on the team that has been lowering their cap figure and getting rid of long-term contracts for the last couple years. A team that may not be in its current home in two years. A team that the NBA just took over, perhaps?

The time is now to plan how to steal Chris Paul from the Hornets.

Pipe dream, sure, but what other choice do the Warriors have? Roll with this group to a few 30-win seasons before Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins throw tantrums and get traded for pennies on the dollar? They have to do SOMETHING. And since the NBA will want to lower the cost for any potential buyer of the Hornets, there’s a slim chance that if the Warriors offer Stephen Curry, the expiring contracts of Dan Gadzuric and Vlad Radmanovic, and multiple No. 1 draft picks, they can get Chris Paul.

There’s also the chance that the NBA will say “hell no” for a number of reasons. Paul is the best pure point guard in the game when you consider both sides of the floor, and could probably net a lot more talent than Curry, moderately high draft picks and cap space. Other teams might freak out when they realize Paul’s on the block, which would cause a situation where the NBA would have to field multiple offers. The Association would probably rather not deal with all that at this point, seeing as they’re preparing for a huge labor stoppage and all.

But the Warriors have to try.

The Hornets looked great in the beginning, starting out 11-1. Now they’re 16-9 and have one of the worst financial situations in major North American pro sports, just ahead of the Phoenix Coyotes. The time to pounce is now, especially with their chances of netting Melo drifting away over the weekend.

In all probability, there’s a slim-to-none chance that the Warriors will be able to snag Paul from the Hornets (the same team they lifted Baron from in 2007). However, that’s about the same chance this team has at making the playoffs anytime soon with this roster in place. If the Warriors let these expiring contracts vanish into thin air, leaving them with too little cap space to sign a major free agent, it would be their biggest error since the J-Rich trade. In a league where the Celtics got KG and the Lakers got Pau, it never hurts to try. Chances to remake your team into a champion are few and far between. And now that Melo’s off the table, those chances are even fewer.

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