IC ATThe Oakland Raiders have seen a large number of faces change, both on the field and in the front offices. Today the long time CEO of the Raiders, Amy Trask, announced that she was resigning from her role with the Raiders. The news is rather shocking and it is still uncertain as to what exactly happened.

Jim Trotter from Sports Illustrated tweeted that Mark Davis had informed Trask that she would have a subordinate role in his ownership. It has not exactly been a secret that Mark Davis and Al Davis did not have the best of relationships when it came to running the Raiders, and that may be a major reason for the decision to move away from one of the mainstays of the Al Davis administration.

While it is not surprising to see Mark Davis putting his stamp on things, the timing of the move is rather surprising. According to Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle, he had just spoken with Trask last week about projects she was working on, and she even had items on her schedule for next week. That makes it appear as though either the notice of a diminished role from Mark Davis came recently or there was another motivating factor that occurred in recent days.

Statements from Trask represent the type of graceful and politically correct exit you would expect from someone in her position, with one minor exception. According to Jason LaCanfora, Trask stated that she no longer wanted to remain with the organization. While that very well may be true, the politically correct answer would have been that she was excited about new or different opportunities, or that she had been there for a long time and wanted a change of scenery. What she said, at least to me, seems to insinuate that she was not happy with how the organization has been run by Mark Davis, and at the very least, she was displeased with what her new role would have been.

The resignation does not look great for the organization. When Carson Palmer left, many took it as a sign that he was unhappy with how the new regime was running things. With Trask departing, there will likely be questions about whether or not Trask felt the same way. If so, it may not be a good sign.

Trask was the first ever female CEO in the NFL, the league that is probably the most testosterone-driven of the four major sports. Despite being a woman in a man’s world, she excelled and before resigning was still one of the most powerful women in sports.

Her departure also represents the removal of another part of Al Davis’ legacy. The Rooney Rule was certainly not created for Davis and his Raiders. Credited with hiring the first African American head coach in the modern era and the first ever Latino head coach, he also is the one who gave Trask a shot and placed her in a very high position.

Trask is an in-your-face figure who matched perfectly with the Raiders, so it’s hard to think of her going anywhere else. She is the Princess of Darkness, after all. Time will tell if this move is good or bad for the Raiders, but regardless of that, it is a sad day when Trask leaves the Raiders.