sorryThe Oakland Raiders may still be in the race to sign former Raider and former Green Bay Packer Charles Woodson. According to Josina Anderson of ESPN, Woodson has been invited for a visit by the Raiders. His agent says that it will likely be next Tuesday, but they are waiting to get confirmation from the Raiders.

Earlier this week, Woodson’s agent said that the Raiders had made an offer to Woodson. Ian Rapoport tweeted that it was not an offer, but rather, they just provided Woodson’s agent the financial parameters they were willing to work with.

Either way, it was clear that the Raiders were interested and talking to Woodson. Now that Woodson has left Denver without a contract, there is a chance that the interest and talking turns into deal making. Many still consider Denver the favorite because they will be contenders, but there are other factors to consider.

As everyone knows, Woodson spent the first eight years of his career with the Raiders, who drafted him with the fourth pick of the 1998 NFL Draft. He has a relationship with Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie from their time together in Green Bay. Plus, while the Raiders cannot afford to pay Woodson a lot this season, they would be able to make up for it on the back end of a two-year deal.

Given his age and the lack of interest in his services this offseason, Woodson may be hard pressed to find anyone else willing to give him more than a one-year deal. There is no guarantee that McKenzie will offer Woodson two years, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The Raiders are very weak at the free safety position, and have a young secondary that could use a veteran leader like Woodson. Plus, the Raiders just drafted D.J. Hayden — the fifth cornerback Oakland has selected in the first round since 1998, when the Raiders took Woodson with the fourth overall pick.