CWThe Oakland Raiders have one of the most legendary fan bases in all of sports. Known as the Raider Nation and famous for the characters found in the Black Hole, the Raiders fan base is not only large, it’s passionate on the verge of obsessive.

In 2012, the Raider Nation played a role in the successful signing of free agent linebacker Philip Wheeler. After Wheeler signed with the Raiders, he spoke with the media and one of the topics they discussed was the support from Raiders fans. Wheeler said that within a week of signing with the Raiders, he found himself with 2,000 new followers on Twitter.

He went on to say that the support from Raiders fans played a role in his decision to sign with Oakland. He said that Oakland was a real football town that supports its team and that he was excited to play for a legendary team.

Now, the Raiders fan base is hoping it can influence another free agent in 2013. When news broke that Charles Woodson had left Denver without signing a contract, and that he would be visiting Oakland, the Raider Nation took to Twitter.

The day after news of the visit broke, my Twitter feed was flooded with Raiders fans urging each other to show up at the Raiders facility in Alameda on Tuesday in order to try and convince Woodson to sign with Oakland. When they first started appearing on my timeline, I thought it was cool that Raiders fans were showing their passion, but figured it would be hard to get a big crowd in the middle of the day on a Tuesday.

Now, however, I am starting to doubt my initial assumption. The number of tweets has only increased, and there will definitely be Raiders fans present at the facility on Tuesday. Hell, even I tried to re-arrange my schedule at work on Tuesday to try and make it. I wasn’t able to, but I am sure some people were.

For any Raiders fans interested in showing up and letting Woodson know he is wanted by the fan base, you can head over to the Raiders facilities at 1220 Harbor Bay Parkway in Alameda California. Based on what we’re seeing on social media, people will start gathering around noon on Tuesday.