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Oakland Raiders confirm Dennis Allen will be head coach in 2014

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It may have taken the Oakland Raiders longer than some of the other teams in the NFL, but they have finally provided clarity on the status of head coach Dennis Allen. After a day of speculation and reporters waiting outside of Raiders headquarters in Alameda, California, Fallon Smith of CSN Bay Area received confirmation around 11pm on Tuesday night that Allen would in fact be returning as head coach of the Raiders.

Davis said that the meeting went well and that it was nothing more than end of the year protocol and that he found the media coverage of the meeting to be entertaining. This is both surprising and not surprising at all if you are a Raiders fan. The Raiders have a long history of being tight-lipped about what goes on behind closed doors. But more so than that, the Raiders not only allow rumors and innuendo to spread, they dodge any attempt to clarify or end the rumors until they are ready.

If Mark Davis was entertained by how the media covered the meeting with Dennis Allen, he has himself to blame. He had the opportunity to clarify things and confirm Allen would be back a week ago during a conversation with Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News. Rather than do that, Davis remained as vague as possible, allowing, if not encouraging speculation to occur as everyone awaited the meeting with Allen.

Now all that is left for the Raiders is to figure out what the rest of the coaching staff will look like. While the Raiders have not confirmed any extensions or departures, Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that offensive line coach and assistant head coach Tony Sparano will be leaving to take a job with Lovie Smith and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

That may not be the last change to be made to the Raiders assistant coaching ranks, but when we will find out what the final staff looks like is anyone’s guess. Only Mark Davis knows that.


No one talks about this: what exactly does Dennis Allen bring to a team? 


This is not news to anyone, but the Raiders are in a pretty crappy situation, arguably of their own making (plenty of blame to go around), and have been for years.

I'm not sure if Dennis Allen and/or Reggie McKenzie are the answer (I tend to think not, though it's definitely debatable, as various sports blogs will readily demonstrate), but I do know that firing coaches every year or two is not the answer.

So while I'm no die-hard fan of current Raiders coaching or management, neither am I a believer in the notion that Gruden (or any other "coaching god" people fancy this week) is going to come in and turnaround the Raiders overnight.

For that matter, I have serious doubts that any "big name" coach is going to be enticed to Oakland any time soon, at least not without some record-breaking compensation and extensive control, which seem unlikely given current ownership and management, respectively.  But that's a separate discussion for another article.

So, next season I'm going to grit my teeth and hope for the best, try to be patient and maintain realistic expectations.  Given the state of the Raiders, I don't see an alternative.

Flying Fox
Flying Fox

The word 'execute' is the most over-used and abused word in the NFL this season by far


DA you were almost fired, how do you feel ?

"Uh how do you think I feel ? I'm getting jerked around like a Chihuahua on a 2 ft leash. I'm pissed"

Any thoughts on the draft ?

"Yeah, we need about 22 really good players including 2 or 3 breakout stars"

You have cancer

"I guess a quick death is better than slow"


Dennis Allen, you were almost fired, how do you feel?

"Uh, great week of practice.  Uh, the team is really coming together. Uh, big game next week."

Dennis Allen, any thoughts on the draft?

Uh, great week of practice.  Uh, the team is really coming together. Uh, big game next week."

Dennis Allen, you have cancer!

Uh, great week of practice.  Uh, the team is really coming together.  Uh, big game next week."

I wish DA would say something, anything to give me a reason to care if he stays or goes.  When he finally is let go, I don't think I will know anything about him.


@AdrianReynolds He was considered a great young D Coordinator with Denver, so GM Reggie Mac made him Head Coach. One thing he brought was a lower price tag.

This is a classic case of moving an asst coach to Head Coach, and the unique skills for a head coach aren't necessarily there. Like telling the media nothing but making it sound like you aren't just trotting out the same old tired clichés.

I see him as a Coordinator but not a dynamic Head Coach

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