Denarius Moore RaidersThe Oakland Raiders are still looking for their number one receiver. Over the past three years, there has been a new rookie who has shown flashes of brilliance and raised the hopes of Raiders fans whose team has not had a true number one receiver in years. First it was Jacoby Ford, then Denarius Moore and most recently, Rod Streater.

While injuries have effectively taken Ford out of the race to be the go to receiver for the Raiders, Streater and Moore are still viable candidates. Streater had an impressive year as an undrafted rookie, but has not had a very productive preseason so far. Moore, on the other hand, has shown that he has the talent and physical capabilities to be a game-changing player.

The problem is Moore cannot seem to find any way to play with consistency. Some games he is stretching defenses and putting up big numbers, other games you forget he was even on the field.

According to new offensive coordinator Greg Olson, Moore’s issues with consistency stem from immaturity:

“Well a lot of it is going to be on Denarius. To me, it’s that whole character issue, becoming a self-starter, becoming a self-motivated person, and a lot of that comes with maturity.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement from the new play-caller, but this may be what Moore needs — someone to get in his face and tell him like it is. And while Olson was certainly blunt in his assessment of Moore, he also seemed optimistic about Moore’s chances of achieving the level of maturity necessary to succeed:

“A lot of players will tell you, if they’re fortunate enough to stay in the league for any length of time, they will all tell you, ‘Boy, I wish I had been more mature as a younger player.’ And I think that maturity will happen for Denarius.”

With the injury to left tackle Jared Veldheer and immense uncertainty at the quarterback position, the Raiders need as many of their offensive weapons to step up to the plate this season as possible. Moore clearly has the talent to be an impact player for the Raiders and now the team needs him to show that he has the maturity to match his abilities.