Editor’s update: The Raiders DID move on from Matt Flynn:


The Oakland Raiders decided in the offseason that it was time for the team to move on from former starter Carson Palmer. But before trading Palmer, general manager Reggie McKenzie traded for the guy he believed would at least be a stopgap, if not the answer to the Raiders quarterback position. The Raiders gave up a fifth round draft pick, a conditional draft pick and took on a rather large contract when they traded for Matt Flynn.

Matt Flynn Oakland RaidersNow, just over a quarter of the way into the 2013 season, not only has Flynn lost the starting job, he lost the backup job and may be on his way to not having any job for the Raiders. While the team clearly likes its current backup, Matt McGloin, it is hard to trust an undrafted free agent rookie with replacing an injured starter. Thus, the Raiders are currently looking at their options to find a more suitable backup should Pryor go down again.

It was rumored that the Raiders had serious interest in Josh Freeman, but now that he has signed with the Minnesota Vikings the team appears to be moving on to other options. It is reported that the Raiders will host David Carr today and Pat White tomorrow.

The Raiders are going to have to pay Flynn his guaranteed money. Whether or not they cut him now or next season will not change that fact. Since the Raiders have shown so much promise this season, the last thing they want to do is allow for all momentum to be killed if Pryor goes down again. They experienced that when they lost a game they should have won against Washington.

If either White or Carr impress in their tryouts with the Raiders, Flynn may find himself sitting at home on Sundays very soon.