Keenan Allen Oakland Raiders hatThe Oakland Raiders are known for having one of the most widespread fan bases in all of sports. When I was traveling through Europe, I was stopped on more than one occassion because I was wearing Raiders gear, and I stopped more than one person to comment on their Raiders gear. I even have a friend who has sent me pictures of people in Raiders gear in Thailand.

Now, there has been a sighting of Raiders gear in one of the most unexpected places, on the head of one of the newest members of the San Diego Chargers. Former California Golden Bears wide receiver Keenan Allen posted a video of himself on Vine wearing a Raiders hat, while drinking what appears to be an In-N-Out milkshake. The video has since been taken down, but you can still see a shot from it here.

Not exactly a huge piece of news. Lots of players get drafted by teams that they did not support, and sometimes even their favorite team’s rival. However, it’s fun to see Allen wearing a Raiders hat, and even more fun to think of all the San Diego Chargers fans throwing a fit over it.

What isn’t fun, however, is the idea of Raiders cornerbacks covering Allen. Once considered a first round talent, Allen fell due in large part to a slow 40-yard dash time. But anyone who watched Allen play at Cal knows he has plenty of speed, and while it may not be elite, his other talents are.