sj11The Oakland Raiders have boasted the best kicking unit in the NFL for years. While they lost arguably the best punter in the NFL this off season, they still boast one of, if not the best place kicker in the league. So it is utterly not shocking to find out that ESPN AFC West blogger Bill Williamson has named Sebastian Janikowski the best kicking specialist in the AFC West.

While selecting a kicker in the first round of the NFL Draft is clearly a questionable move, Janikowski has actually been one of the Raiders better first round picks in recent years. Janikowski shares multiple NFL kicking records, including the record for longest field goal and most field goals over 50 yards in a single game, and he has only gotten better with time.

It should be noted that the AFC West boasts some of the best kickers and punters in the league, so it is no small honor to be the best among a group of the best. But it is still not news that Janikowski is the best in the division. He offers a threat that almost no other team in the NFL can boast. His leg is so strong and his performance so consistent, you almost feel like the Raiders are in scoring position as soon as they cross the 50-yard line.

As a battle for the starting punter position unfolds in training camp, the coaching staff can rest easily knowing there is no decision to be made at kicker this year other than whether or not to try for a new NFL record-breaking kick at some point.