Oakland Raiders rookie pokes fun at Jacoby Ford on Twitter

The Oakland Raiders have not yet begun training camp, but it appears as though some of the newer faces have already began bonding with some of the players who have already logged a few years of experience in the NFL. The vets and the rookies have only had a few OTAs in which to get to know each other, but that has not stopped rookie linebacker Sio Moore from poking some fun at wide receiver/kick returner Jacoby Ford on twitter.

Jacoby tried to come back at the rookie with his own trash talk:

But it does not look like Moore was very concerned with any responses from Jacoby:

While watching these interactions is a lot of fun, especially for fans who get to see a lighter and more personal side of their favorite players, they are not insignificant. The Raiders have completely overhauled their roster the past couple of years. While new faces and fresh blood can be good for a struggling franchise, it can also be detrimental to team chemistry.

Raiders fans should be happy to see members of the team bonding like this. It is not a huge deal, but after many speculated that Ford was unhappy in Oakland after Jason Campbell was traded, seeing him goof with teammates is a good thing.

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James Arcellana

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