BASG RSG Damon Bruce KNBR 1050It seems like a lot of people tuned in to listen to BASG and me on The Damon Bruce Show yesterday. The responses and outpouring of support was phenomenal, and we had a great time doing it. BASG’s write up of the experience was spot on, and if you haven’t had a chance to read it or listen to the podcast, you can check it out here.

This all started when I wrote a post calling out Damon for his takes on the San Jose Sharks as they compare to the two teams remaining in the Stanley Cup Final. Some blows were thrown by both of us. Much of the response on Twitter once we announced we were going in studio seemed to be from people who thought this appearance would turn into a royal rumble between Damon and me over the Sharks. Many other readers thought it would be our chance to challenge Damon regarding a lot of the gripes you’re used to seeing when perusing the comments section of a Radio Wars post.

To be clear: I wasn’t fishing for a chance to check out the offices of Cumulus when I wrote my Sharks piece. Truth be told, it was the last result I expected to come from it. I couldn’t honestly tell you what I was trying to accomplish when I sat down at my computer that day. I had heard some takes about the Sharks I disagreed with, and I set out to dispel some fallacies.

Damon wasn’t too keen on what I said, and understandably so. He said his piece. He has his medium; I have mine.

By the time Dan Wilson got in touch with us about coming on the show, everything had been smoothed over. Save a few debates over the definition of the word “trolling” and some discussions over what troubles the Sharks, the segment was going to be about this website and the climate of sports writing in the Bay Area. It went exactly as I expected.

The direction of the segment also meant we weren’t going to get into the topics I’m sure most of you hoped we would. Sure, BASG egged a little comment on Gary Radnich out of Damon, but for the most part, the host steered the ship. Considering this was my maiden voyage on KNBR, I didn’t mind.

What we have here at Bay Area Sports Guy is unique in the field of journalism. It gives us a forum to write, free from the binds of corporate agendas and, as was discussed during the show, censorship. It means we have a chance to write about more than just sports, and you guys all seem to love these Radio Wars posts. But just because we write about radio hosts — sometimes critically — doesn’t mean we hate them. It’s quite the opposite, honestly. After what I saw yesterday, I have a great deal of respect for what all of these radio personalities do. It’s high pressure, hard work, and extremely scrutinized.

I’ve made it clear on this site before: Damon Bruce is one of my favorite personalities in Bay Area radio, and one squabble over a hockey team isn’t going to change that. I started listening to his show because he is (to borrow my moniker) ruthless. He doesn’t hold back, as evidenced by how badly he roasted me last Friday. Does it mean I won’t challenge him again in the future? Absolutely not, but yesterday’s appearance wasn’t about me challenging Damon or vice versa.

Yesterday was about bringing power to independent voices in the realm of sports writing. If you’re reading this now it’s because you want a fresh perspective. We want to keep bringing something new to the table, and we want more people to know about it. Word of mouth is how this site grew to this point, and word of mouth is exactly the tool talk radio hosts use.