Bruce Bochy looked like he had just finished a strenuous workout before hosting about a dozen media types in his office this morning, as his gray t-shirt was soaked.

I guess that was the reason why he didn’t answer pregame questions from his customary spot on top of the dugout bench. When I heard that Bochy was speaking in his office, I wondered whether or not that meant they had made some transaction that forced Bochy to break the news to one of the players currently on the roster, but that wasn’t the case. No one has been called up or sent down yet, but we can probably expect a roster move tomorrow.

Pablo Sandoval will play tonight in San Jose, as the Single-A Giants face the Lancaster JetHawks. Bochy hopes one of the JetHawks deigns to hit the ball in Sandoval’s direction.

“He didn’t get any action at third base. Two games in a row. That’s hard to believe,” Bochy said when asked about how Sandoval did last night in San Jose, when he played seven innings. Tonight he should play eight or nine innings.

“After he plays we’ll talk to him,” Bochy said. “If we had to we could probably bring him up now, but we want to give him some at-bats, get his timing there and of course some plays at third base. Whether we bring him up tomorrow or one more day, that’s what we’ll talk about.”

Bochy also said that Brandon Crawford would get “the lion’s share” of the playing time at shortstop, and that there had been no decision made on whether they’ll continue to carry 13 pitchers for the foreseeable future. He also talked about his Little League days.

Apparently Bochy gave up the game-winning home run in extra innings for his Virginia team, and the loss knocked his team out of the tournament that would’ve sent them to Williamsport to play in the Little League World Series.

“There wasn’t a pitch count back then,” Bochy said. If you’re interested in hearing the story from Bochy directly, it’s in the video below.