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Pablo Sandoval loses final All-Star vote to Shane Victorino

If you cared enough to vote, you probably know by now that Shane Victorino piggy-backed the overwhelming celebrity of Brandon Inge en route to a win in the “Final Vote” All-Star thing over Pablo Sandoval. What, you’re surprised? Everyone knows the Bay Area cannot, will not, win anything until we can find out some curse to make up and obsess over.

(One suggestion: Deion Sanders, or “The Curse of Primetime.” Ever since he left the 49ers for the Cowboys…)

If you’re like me and now see 5-digit Authorization Codes every time you close your eyes (sort of like my freshman year of college when I went on a two-week Tetris bender, when I was haunted by Russian music and puzzle pieces), it’s pretty disappointing.

You mean I had all those MLB promo emails sent to for nothing?

If logic prevails, Charlie Manuel (or whoever’s in charge of the ever-changing All-Star selection process) will bypass Matt Kemp and choose Fat Ichiro to be Carlos Beltran’s injury replacement, but I’m not holding my breath. Manuel probably gets to sleep within 20 minutes after Phillie games are over, usually face down on the desk in his office. He’s apt to just look at the records of the Dodgers and Giants, remember who Kemp is and pick him.

Oh, and just because: East Coast Bias! Clap! Clap! ClapClapClap!!!

Alright, here’s some news to keep us from crying over a Street Walking Panda With A Heart Full Of Napalm

— “Whatchyou going to do, when Bowkermania runs wild on you?” (McCovey Chronicles)

— Does bringing up Bowker mean the Giants will DFA Andres Torres or Fred Lewis? (obsessivegiantscompulsive)

— Interesting post from Mychael Urban, who professes to know almost as little about what the A’s are thinking as their fans. It’s not because he’s too busy hosting Sportsphone on the weekends at Mays Field, it’s because Bob Geren won’t talk to the beat writers off the record. (Big Urb Baseball)

— The 49ers have their fans more excited than they’ve been in quite some time (maybe the Curse of Primetime about to be lifted?), but the rest of the nation isn’t as impressed. (Matt Maiocco)

— The Mavs got their man, Shawn Marion, in a four-team deal. Meanwhile, Portland’s going after Paul Millsap, who they want to back up LaMarcus Aldridge. I don’t get it, Marion would have been perfect for them. (Yahoo Sports)

— The Celtics are just saying no to Starbury, who’s contemplating a move to Europe. I can’t believe he’s only 32, for some reason I figured he was at least 34 or 35. (NY Post)

— Ron Artest is a much better defender than Trevor Ariza (coming as close to owning LeBron as anybody besides that dude from Xavier) and as good or better from behind the arc, but Ariza’s a much better finisher. It’s been proven. With charts. (Forum Blue And Gold)

— Bob Costas and his wife went on a double-date with Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson. How would a group like that get set up? (Awful Announcing)

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