For the last 24 hours, rumors have been swirling regarding Pablo Sandoval’s foot, the reasons behind his foot, and whether the foot is actually another word for “hamate bone”.

Earlier this morning, Alex Pavlovic reported:

Okay, you got this? Hairline fracture. If Larry Baer says it on the radio, that’s what I’m going with.

Then a few hours later, this was the latest from Andrew Baggarly:

Okay, so no fracture?

Turns out, Pablo has a strain in his foot and is walking around in a boot with minimal limping. A strain is certainly more manageable than a stress fracture, which can take up to eight weeks to heal, sometimes more. The confusion was apparently in a bone scan that revealed previous fractures from three or four years ago

Pablo Sandoval HR trot spring trainingDespite the result of the injury, the real question sitting in the minds of fans, media, and most likely the Giants organization is whether this is a weight-related injury and whether or not Pablo Sandoval can keep himself healthy enough to not miss significant chunks of playing time in each season.

Obviously, weight is a very sensitive issue for most normal individuals. When the individual in question happens to be an athlete, things can get really dicey. Weight fluctuations, eating habits and off-season behavior all cross our minds when performance declines, so it’s not surprising that Sandoval is being put under the microscope for his his fourth injury in three years.

Are foot strains more likely in individuals who are overweight? Absolutely. Is weight the sole cause of foot strains? Not necessarily. Lots of things can aggravate foot pain, including improper stretching, overuse, and stress/specific trauma. In the case of Pablo, I’ll give you 3 guesses as to what most people think caused this most recent stint on the DL.

To give you a few hints, the broadcast team has recently noted his inability to run bases effectively and without seeming winded. Sandoval is also noticeably larger than he has been in the past. And while he is batting .289 with 8 homeruns and 37 RBIs, Murph and Mac mentioned on KNBR this morning that his OPS is just .753  – which is apparently pretty bad because it’s on par with  Brandon Belt’s OPS of .752 (#BeltBash).

Will this continue to be a hot topic? Probably. As our friend @LOLKNBRCallers says, #FatChat will always be present. No matter how much Pablo weighs, how many amazing sprawling catches he makes or how many bombs he hits, the thought in the back of everyone’s minds will remain: “But how much BETTER would he be if he was in shape?”

I’ll leave you to ponder that question. In the meantime, Nick Noonan is arriving shortly and will get another shot at making an impression in the big leagues.