Allen Iverson

Pablo Sandoval “was a little poopy-pants”

Lots of stuff on the Internets worth linking to today, and I promise that none of the following links consist of mathematical formulas backing up Bill Belichick’s decision to go for it on 4th-and-2 last night in their own territory. I don’t even care what the numbers say — I’m glad Belichick decided to gamble, and I’m even more pleased that it blew up in his face and his 3/4-sleeved shirt.

— Pablo Sandoval is in the midst of a harrowing workout program in order to get his weight at a manageable level (which for the “5 foot 11” Sandoval is around 250 lbs or so, which shows how serious his weight problem really is). After getting climbing Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Big-Boned Ichiro wasn’t feeling so hot. “He was a little poopy-pants the rest of the afternoon,” conditioning coordinator Ben Potenziano said. “He wasn’t his happy self.” (SF Gate)

— The Lakers have lost two in a row, and perhaps not coincidentally Pau Gasol is making an appearance on CSI Miami. Hmmm, Lamar Odom decided to marry the off-brand Kardashian and will probably see more time on the E! Channel than Denise Richards this year; Gasol is hob-nobbing with David Caruso; Ron Artest made an appearance on TMZ; what’s next? Adam Morrison and DJ Mbenga doing a remake of 48 Hours? (The Fabulous Forum)

— While passing time before my sister Meg Marlin’s 30th birthday party on Saturday night, I watched the third quarter of the Warriors/Bucks game. Yes, the same third quarter where Brandon Jennings dropped in 27 of his 55 points on the night. This post puts Jennings’ record-breaking night against the Warriors (and how many times have you heard that sentence about somebody?) into perspective. (Off The Dribble — NY Times)

— Allen Iverson is already an ex-Grizzly. And it seemed like such a good idea at the time! (USA Today)

— “One source close to the situation, though, told that (Raja) Bell will re-consider undergoing surgery to address a nagging wrist injury upon joining the Warriors.” So much for veteran leadership. Wonder if the Warriors will re-think their plan of keeping one player less than the maximum 15 under contract this season. Eh, probably not. (ESPN)

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