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January 13, 20122

49ers vs. Saints: what the experts think

We’ve devoured all the information we could, pored over all the stats and set our DVRs. Now we’re about 24 hours away

January 13, 20126

Undermanned Warriors resort to Hack-a-Howard

Mark Jackson coached tonight almost as if in protest. “Why basketball Gods? Why have you forsaken me????” Jackson wasn’t quite defiant in

January 12, 20121

Larry Riley praises Andris Biedrins’ newfound alertness

Here at my first Warriors game of the year, and Larry Riley answered some questions pregame after explaining the Kwame Brown injury

January 12, 20127

With Kwame out indefinitely, Udoh should start over Biedrins

I’ll be heading out the door shortly to attend my first Warriors game of the year, and while much of the focus

January 11, 20122

49ers vs. Saints: scouting zebras

When people attempt to break down NFL playoff matchups, almost every potential variable gets scanned and scrutinized. Then the game starts and

January 11, 20123

Anthony “Boobie” Dixon rapping = best Lasik commercial ever

I know I’m falling into a certain doctor’s trap by writing this post and providing him with free advertising, but with the

January 10, 201216

Warriors upset Heat, Joe Lacob freaks out

It’s official: Joe Lacob is the anti-Cohan. As Nate Robinson and Dorell Wright fueled an unlikely fourth quarter comeback after the Warriors

January 10, 20120

On 30th anniversary of “The Catch,” 49ers again searching for respect

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I tried reading. That didn’t work, and as my insomnia threatened to stretch past sunrise it

January 10, 201213

Raiders Sports Guy: The king is dead, long live the king

The real king is Al Davis, you see. And Hue was a fool of the court to believe he could execute an

January 09, 201220

New Orleans Saints defense: as bad as 2009, without all the takeaways

The New Orleans Saints might have the best offense in the playoffs, even though they were outscored by 13 points by the

January 09, 201238

How important is local talent on sports talk radio?

It’s difficult — no, impossible — to come up with a formula for the perfect sports talk radio host in the Bay

January 08, 20123

49ers vs. Saints: the past means nothing

After a strange start that saw the Detroit Lions take a 14-10 lead into halftime, logic and sense prevailed and the New

January 06, 20129

Justin Smith’s case for NFL Defensive Player of the Year

Justin Smith probably isn’t going to receive enough votes to be named NFL Defensive Player of the Year. However deserving he may

January 06, 20122

Five San Francisco 49ers named First Team All-Pro

Forget the Pro Bowl, these are the awards that matter. The NFL All-Pro teams were announced today, and the San Francisco 49ers

January 05, 20122

Keith Smart and his Acie in the hole

What is it about Keith Smart that makes teams so willing to trust him after the old coach torched the building? Paul

January 05, 20124

Adrian Wojnarowski says Warriors are after Dwight Howard – good luck with that

How much has Stephen Curry’s styrofoam ankle changed things? Ethan Sherwood Strauss is actually contemplating a world where it makes more sense to

January 04, 20125

No Beltran for the Giants because Sabean didn’t want to get burned (again)

When the Cardinals signed Carlos Beltran to a 2-year, $26 million deal (with a no trade clause), the majority of fans and

January 04, 201212

While the Warriors could use his volatility, Nate Robinson hopes to provide stability

Now that Nate Robinson story time is out of the way, it’s time to pinpoint exactly why the Golden State Warriors would go from

January 03, 20129

Warriors signing Nate Robinson means it’s story time on BASG

Editor’s note: After the Warriors and Kyrylo Fesenko parted ways, they set their sights a little lower for some free agent help

January 03, 20123

Raiders Sports Guy: heads are rolling in Alameda

According to 95.7 The Game’s Chris Townsend (in a report that’s disputed by Raiders Senior Executive John “THAT’S NOT TRUE, KAWAKAMI” Herrera) … the great

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