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March 13, 20121

Stop the presses: Madison Bumgarner shows human tendencies

After the second inning,’s Gameday showed that Madison Bumgarner threw all of his first 14 pitches for strikes. It wasn’t true

March 13, 20120

Sharks fans shoudn’t count on the legend of the 2010 Giants

I’ve heard some draw from the stories of recent champions as they try to make sense of the Sharks’ woes down the

March 13, 201219

Randy Moss signs with 49ers … is Peyton Manning next?

Your old pal BASG is wrong fairly often, but at least he’ll admit it. The only tradeoff is whenever it happens I’m

March 12, 20122

Bruce Bochy: “I doubt that we go with three catchers”

Bruce Bochy was asked about Hector Sanchez’s improvement, and if there was anything he could do during Spring Training to earn a

March 12, 20122

Tim Lincecum goes 4 innings in curveball-heavy Spring Training start (video)

They get everything out of the way quickly during the spring! Tim Lincecum walked to the clubhouse and answered questions after his

March 12, 20127

BASG March Madness is back: play for free, win stuff

As I write this, the view above my laptop screen is a big, beautiful expanse of grass and dirt. I’m in Surprise,

March 10, 20128

49ers WR search: Ted Ginn or Eddie Royal?

Everyone knows the 49ers are looking for a wide receiver who can push Michael Crabtree to the so-called No. 2 position. A

March 10, 20125

Yoenis Cespedes homers in Oakland Athletics debut

Suddenly the Oakland A’s seem like a different team. It’s only one Spring Training game, but for most people that’s all they

March 09, 20124

Spring Training officially starts today for the Giants

The photo above, taken by my wife this morning, proves even MUNI’s excited about the San Francisco Giants facing the Cincinnati Reds

March 08, 20125

49ers WR search: a forgotten option who’s already on the roster

Fellow Bay Area Sports Guy contributor Scott Warfe and I took to arguing about Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers yesterday in light

March 08, 20125

The best part of Sergio Romo’s epic in-game interview from Monday night

On Monday the San Francisco Giants played the Milwaukee Brewers, and it was televised. Included in the broadcast were several interviews that

March 08, 20123

49ers draft do-overs: 2005 (the Alex Smith draft)

The results of last week’s re-draft are in. As always, this hindsight is brought to you by the Dr. Boobie Hyver Lasik Eye

March 08, 201212

Mark Jackson’s “no excuses” Warriors in “no effort” mode against Grizzlies

Mark Jackson often says the Golden State Warriors are a “no excuses” basketball team, but there were no excuses for how they

March 07, 201220

Giants answer Athletics’ statement with dig of their own

You didn’t think the Giants would let the A’s release their statement in the top of the first without taking their hacks in

March 07, 201225

Peyton Manning isn’t coming to San Francisco – and that’s okay

What a difference a year makes. If I put up a poll asking whether the San Francisco 49ers should go after Peyton

March 07, 201214

Oakland Athletics issue statement on territorial rights, Giants Dugout Stores

Think the Bill Madden story rankled the Oakland A’s, just a little? Today the Athletics released a statement on “sharing Bay Area territory,”

March 07, 20121

Sharks cling to No. 8 seed after loss to Oilers

Although at times the NHL seems silly for awarding a team one point in the standings for taking a game to overtime,

March 06, 20126

Jerry Rice thinks Michael Crabtree should lose weight

How good could Michael Crabtree be? It’s a question most of us have stopped asking, figuring the answer lies in the numbers.

March 06, 201235

San Francisco Giants staying on KNBR through 2018

KNBR will continue covering the San Francisco Giants on the radio for at least the next seven seasons, with Cumulus CEO Lew

March 05, 20126

49ers WR search: is Mike Wallace worth Larry Fitzgerald money?

The only losers after Monday’s rousing game of tag football might be the Pittsburgh Steelers. Handicapped by their salary cap situation (estimated

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