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March 31, 201213

A role Barry Zito can sink his talons into

Lots of stories this week as the San Francisco Giants ready themselves for the 2012 season. Mike Fontenot was released in favor

March 30, 201214

Surprise, Surprise, Matt Cain dominates

Back in Arizona, this time with my dad. Less press box, more beer. Not that much beer, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be

March 29, 201212

Giants unveil AT&T Park upgrades, including a new beach (photos)

Today the Giants  hosted a Media Open House (I didn’t get the invite, so now I know how the people at Deadspin feel with

March 29, 20120

Jonas Hiller shoves Sharks back to No. 8

Sometimes you’re on in hockey. Every line seems to click on every cylinder. The passing is crisp, the cycling is synchronized and

March 29, 20128

49ers re-draft 2008: Balmer and Rachal in the first two rounds?

The results of last week’s re-draft results are in. As always, you chose to build the offensive side of the ball, but,

March 28, 20126

MLB changes its mind, will now televise tonight’s A’s game live from Japan

In an earlier post, Scott Willis added to the chorus of people complaining that the Oakland Athletics’ FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON wasn’t

March 28, 20129

Bow down to Baalke: 49ers add Brandon Jacobs

For fans of the San Francisco 49ers, this off-season has been like Groundhog Day — the very best possible version of Groundhog

March 28, 201210

A’s fall in extra innings – not that anyone in the Bay Area could’ve watched

You may have heard that the baseball season got underway this morning with the A’s and the Mariners squaring off in Japan,

March 28, 20125

Lakers soap opera, episode 50: Andrew Bynum shoots a 3

Covering the Golden State Warriors is a completely different world than covering the Los Angeles Lakers. Sounds obvious, but I still wasn’t

March 27, 20120

Kobe Bryant and Klay Thompson meet before battle

The Monta Ellis* trade meant Christmas came early for Klay Thompson. Praised but barely played, Thompson impressed fans and coaches in brief

March 27, 201212

Monta Ellis struggling since Warriors traded him to Milwaukee

What, you thought we’d neglect Monta Ellis just because he was traded? No, we’re always checking box scores out of curiosity (and

March 27, 20121

What to expect when you’re expecting Randy Moss

Randy Moss, as you probably know, is currently on a nine-month tryout with the San Francisco 49ers. For some teams, Moss in

March 26, 20123

1984 49ers, Super Bowl XIX: “the greatest team I’ve ever seen, anywhere”

Normally we look more at things that just happened, will happen or could happen on this site, but I happened to find

March 26, 201219

Complaining is futile – we are stuck with Barry Zito

People who complain about Bay Bridge tolls have a point: for people who have to drive across the thing every weekday and

March 25, 20120

March Madness contest: who can actually win this thing?

Figuring out who’s in the lead is easy. Yahoo does that. Figuring out who can win — and how — is a

March 25, 20120

Sharks showing signs of life

Don’t look now, but the Sharks appear to be doing exactly what I thought they couldn’t do. Coming off the heels of

March 25, 20122

My favorite Warriors game of the year

I almost didn’t go to Monday’s Warriors game. In fact, if our dog wasn’t at my mother in law’s in Danville, I

March 24, 201212

Klay Thompson scores 31, still motivated by Rookie/Sophomore Game snub

Klay Thompson didn’t get the memo that the Golden State Warriors would like to lose as many of the rest of their

March 24, 20125

According to many mocks, 49ers picking Coby Fleener

After Coby Fleener ran the 40-yard dash in 4.45 seconds at Stanford’s Pro Day on Thursday, I figured Fleener had sprinted away

March 24, 20122

Giants just realized they signed both Theriot AND Fontenot (honest mistake)

Brian Sabean walked into the Giants’ clubhouse and did a double-take. To his left stood a short utility infielder with dark brown

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