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September 27, 20106

Louis Amundson wants your tots!

Again, thanks to the fine fellows at Fear The Beard, I got an idea for some content. They posted a video featuring

September 27, 20103

Andris Biedrins: “No spikes, no goose”

One of the highlights of Tweedia Day was Andris Biedrins, who was asked about the controversial interview that came out of Latvia

September 27, 20104

Warriors Tweedia Day: a new beginning

Today’s Golden State Warriors Media Day (or “Tweedia Day,” as it was called for us non-affiliated folks), wasn’t just fun for the

September 25, 20104

NL ROY Tracker … laundromat hell

If I’ve done this rant before, forgive me. I just got back from the laundromat, and there’s no way I’m not going

September 24, 20102

NL ROY Tracker … Big Boi and The Knux

Found out the Padres and Rockies lost while standing 20 feet away from some “alternative hip-hop” group called The Knux. Made the

September 23, 20101

LaGuber makes another Smart move

Joe Lacob and Peter Guber know a fair share about timing, doesn’t he? Here’s the new owners’ plan so far, pretty awesomely

September 23, 20100

NL ROY Tracker … speed kills

So what’s the deal with Edgar Renteria, anyway? With Mark DeRosa, it’s easy to explain. The inside of his wrist looks like

September 22, 20104

Warriors select BASG to attend “Tweedia Day”

Does it count as speaking in the third person if I’m the one who wrote the headline? Because with the Warriors choosing

September 22, 20100

NL ROY Tracker … yes, we’re going there

To judge an award based on an entire season’s worth of work on a day-to-day basis, but that’s how close the National

September 21, 20102

Why Matt Cain should win the Willie Mac Award

Bruce Bochy didn’t need to do it. It’s not like the chances of success were doubled, or even increased by 50% by

September 21, 20106

What we learned about the 49ers

It was kind of a nice, pressure-free experience last night to watch the Niners. Even though I had to watch them on

September 20, 20102

Pregame: 10 ways the 49ers can save their season

If the Niners lose big to the Saints, leaving them at 0-2 while facing three difficult games in the next few weeks,

September 20, 20101

NL ROY watch: Posey’s got company

Trying to parse the upcoming schedules, pitching matchups and the ebbs and flows of each playoff contender sounds like the logical thing

September 19, 20104

Luck could be just around the corner

Update, 6 pm Sunday: Here’s the Flip Cam video package I shot at the game for CSN Bay Area, and here’s the

September 17, 20100

49ers’ frugality leads to dysfunction

Bill Walsh’s complaints that John York was worried about the cost of belt buckles and bottles of water struck a nerve years

September 17, 20100

Stanford holding up OK without Toby Gerhardt

It seems normal after how much noise Stanford made at the end of last season, but this No. 19 ranking they currently

September 16, 20101

A toast to Brian Sabean

Home runs and strikeouts, that’s the blueprint. And as exciting baseball plans go, that’s as good as they come. Tonight’s game was

September 15, 20101

Matt Cain is underpaid

I hate getting pulled into the trap of saying one game a week is the “most important game of the season” for the

September 15, 20104

So … why was Jimmy Raye hired again?

Now that we’ve all heard the story about Jimmy Raye’s playcalling being as clear as a lecture from Charlie Brown’s teacher, there’s

September 15, 20100

Giants offense tests Barry Zito again

Last night’s game had its moments, and the fact that the Giants lost wasn’t all that surprising given the pitching matchup. So

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