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January 24, 20124

Giants and Tim Lincecum agree: two years, $40.5 million

The San Francisco Giants and Tim Lincecum avoided an arbitration hearing, as reports have the two sides agreeing on a 2-year contract

January 24, 201221

Thoughts on the Kyle Williams situation from someone who’s suffered multiple concussions

By Raiders Sports Guy I’ve had a few concussions, unfortunately … one so serious I peed my pants and was out cold

January 24, 20128

Is Marty Ball for Oakland?

By Scott Warfe The Raiders, in a very un-Raider-like move, are conducting a diligent search for their next head coach. Among those

January 24, 201210

NY Giants believed Kyle Williams’ past concussions made him vulnerable

The New York Giants felt going into the NFC Championship that Kyle Williams’ past problems with concussions — including a recent brain

January 23, 201211

What to do about Michael Crabtree

In an effort to superstitiously boost Michael Crabtree’s performance on Sunday after a quiet game against the Saints, my wife and I

January 23, 201221

49ers’ defense deserved better

These are the hardest posts to write, so thank God my favorite teams don’t lose the Conference Championship Game all that often.

January 22, 201210

A concrete dump at Candlestick Point that’ll live forever

Today could be the last time The Stick matters. You’d have to assume with Jim Harbaugh around that the 49ers will be

January 21, 20128

The nation wants a Giants/Pats Super Bowl … or do they?

We get a little too sensitive around these parts about the whole east coast bias thing. I’m guilty too, but I guess

January 21, 20124

Niners songs flood YouTube – which one’s the best?

It’s the rite of passage every franchise goes through when they experience success. Local artists, both excited about their team and eager

January 21, 20121

49ers week in review, plus my appearance on ESPN!

I’m pretty much tapped out. It’s still over 24 hours away, and I’ve been overanalyzing the NFC Championship game so much that

January 20, 20122

49ers vs. Giants: BASG’s non-expert NFC Championship pick

 “That’s a great win, that’s a great win for US! That was a great win for our team, that was a great

January 20, 20126

49ers vs. Giants: “experts” predicting Giants/Patriots Super Bowl rematch

Since the New York Giants’ 17-14 win in Super Bowl XLII over the almost-perfect New England Patriots represented the apex of east

January 19, 20121

Jim Harbaugh, the media and psychology

When Jim Harbaugh took the job, the San Francisco 49ers were damaged goods. Good damaged goods, but damaged just the same. Not

January 19, 20122

49ers’ offensive x-factor should sound familiar to the Giants

The San Francisco 49ers lost Frank Gore to a knee injury early on in the Niners’ 27-20 victory over the New York

January 19, 20120

49ers hold bigger special teams advantage over Giants than Saints

Part of the reason why the New Orleans Saints presented a challenge to the San Francisco 49ers was they took away one

January 18, 20120

Aldon Smith named Defensive Rookie of the Year by PFW/PFWA – AP next?

Aldon Smith finished 0.5 sacks behind Jevon Kearse’s rookie record of 14.5 set back in 1999, but Smith’s year was still good

January 18, 20121

Victor Cruz wants even more attention from the 49ers?

The first time New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz faced the San Francisco 49ers, on Nov. 13 at Candlestick Park, he

January 17, 201213

Reviewing the flurry of San Francisco Giants arbitration moves

I’ve been all about football lately, so the other two teams I cover “full-time” (the Giants and the Warriors, who beat the

January 17, 20121

Latest San Francisco Giants “Inside the Clubhouse” – Posey, Sanchez and prospects

I got a chance to check out the latest installment of the San Francisco Giants a few hours before it airs on

January 17, 20122

5 reasons why the 49ers’ coverage team’s use of “Tony Montana” rules

  Of all the major team sports, football’s the one where the live experience is valued least. It’s true, being at the

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