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March 21, 201213

Highlights from Alex Smith’s conference call

After listening in on Alex Smith’s I’m-back-with-the-49ers-like-nothing-happened conference call this morning, there can be no doubt: while Smith was understandably bothered by

March 21, 20123

The 49ers have their QB – how about the rest of the roster?

The 49ers and Alex Smith finally agreed to terms on a contract, ending the 49ers’ suddenly turbulent search for their 2012 quarterback. Many

March 20, 20126

Alex Smith is back, so Mike Wallace probably isn’t happening

Yesterday, Pro Football Talk elevated “Peter King spit-balling” into a full-fledged rumor that the San Francisco 49ers may still yet acquire Mike

March 20, 20125

Alex Smith, 49ers close to a deal (any minute now)

Update: minutes before I posted this, Michael Lombardi reported it was a done deal. Alex Smith is back, unless Lombardi is wrong.

March 20, 201234

Guess who thinks the 49ers should trade for Tim Tebow…

Grant Cohn is in a tough spot. Compared to most other beat writers for professional teams he’s on the young side, so

March 19, 201241

Joe Lacob booed mercilessly at Oracle as Warriors retire Chris Mullin’s number

The same fans who were called the “greatest” in the NBA and the world by Alvin Attles, Mitch Richmond and so many

March 19, 20123

March Madness Contest update: it’s all about picking the Final Four

Since the top 10 is the top 10, let’s take a look at how people are doing.     Congrats to the

March 19, 201219

Peyton Manning picks the Denver Broncos, but why?

5:29 am, MST Wife and I are driving a rented Corolla to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Both of us are three-quarters

March 18, 201227

49ers leave Alex Smith without many options

Alex Smith was in Miami today, meeting with the Dolphins for over five hours. Reports are that he’s “stunned and jaded over

March 18, 20125

Manning to the 49ers would mean goodbye to the team, the team, the team

Time reveals patterns: patterns of shape, patterns of structure, and patterns of least resistance. Even your body, at its most elemental level,

March 18, 201217

If Peyton Manning comes to the 49ers, innocence is lost

The NFL is a dirty business. Bounties get paid for injuring players. Pain shots are given when injuries need masking. Teams will

March 18, 20127

San Francisco 49ers sign Manning … ham

The off-season that just won’t quit got a little bit — wait — a lot better for the San Francisco 49ers, who

March 17, 20123

St. Paddy’s Day special: Green hats, homers and Tim Lincecum

After spending the week in the press box, I watched Saturday afternoon’s Spring Training battle between the San Francisco Giants and the

March 17, 20124

Peyton Manning dominates the conversation among Bay Area baseball fans

The following Spring Training story is completely true: Ryan Theriot, the dry-fielding (that’s the opposite of “slick-fielding,” right?) 2B/SS for the San

March 16, 20121

Giants beat Cubs 3-2, led by Surkamp, Burriss and Whiteside (lots of photos)

Kind of a sloppy game today at Hohokam Stadium, and that’s not just in reference to the thousands of Old Styles consumed

March 16, 20120

Jeremy Affeldt crashes Buster Posey interview

At the end of Buster Posey’s interview in the clubhouse during the sixth inning (he’ll be DH’ing tomorrow at the minor league

March 16, 201219

Colin Kaepernick’s dream has come true: 49ers now in on Peyton Manning

It was quiet. TOO quiet. No one else has used that line before, right? Sweet, I’m rolling with it. Alex Smith and

March 15, 20126

49ers draft do-overs: 2006 (the Vernon Davis draft … Manny Lawson, too)

The results of last week’s re-draft results are in. As always, the votes are decidedly one-sided, despite my best attempts to persuade

March 15, 201216

Warriors flip Stack for Richard Jefferson, conditional 1st

Our (my) dream of a Golden State Warriors locker room inhabited by Nate Robinson and Stephen Jackson at the same time has

March 15, 201210

Spring Training notes: Gregor, Hector, and the land of tall cans

  It’s all about first base, right? Maybe for the Aubrey Huff haters, the #FreeBrandonBelt crowd or Brett Pill’s immediate family, but

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