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February 14, 20123

Stephen Curry on his ankles and facing Steve Nash (video)

Stephen Curry came up gingerly at one point in the third quarter, and shortly after was seen limping to the locker room.

February 14, 20121

Why Mark Jackson called that timeout against the Suns on a 5-on-3

I grew up just before it became okay for parents to fit their kids with leashes on outings to places like shopping

February 14, 20125

Ekpe Udoh, Nate Robinson and playing with “energy, effort and passion”

Nobody in the NBA gets away with jogging or slowly trotting down the floor for long. Everyone puts out effort, expends energy,

February 13, 201214

Oakland A’s surprise, sign Yoenis Cespedes

By Guest Contributor Scott Willis In the bidding for Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes it was supposed to be the big money, big

February 13, 201212

Havlat’s Hammy and Sharks Trade Rumors

By Guest Contributor Kyle McLorg Missing Dany Heatley I’ll admit that I got a little giddy when I heard that the Sharks

February 13, 201221

Jason Whitlock apologizes for speculative tweet about Jeremy Lin’s anatomy

Did Jason Whitlock read my post in response to his tweet alluding to Jeremy Lin’s penis? Probably not. However, the apology he threw

February 13, 20121

David Lee on Jeremy Lin (video)

After David Lee held his standard postgame interview session in front of his locker, Ethan Sherwood Strauss asked David Lee about Jeremy

February 13, 20122

Warriors’ bench fuels win, Mark Jackson asked about Andris Biedrins (again)

The Houston Rockets came into Oakland after winning three consecutive road games. Like the Warriors, they won at Denver. Then the Rockets

February 12, 20122

Klay-sanity sweeping the Bay Area

Not sure if everyone got the memo, but every article about the NBA is contractually obligated to make some sort of reference

February 12, 20129

The Bar is Set Ridiculously High for San Jose

By Kyle McLorg, Guest Contributor I started watching the Sharks in 2008, the year that they won the Presidents’ Trophy. Don’t string

February 11, 20124

Top 10 49ers personnel moves since Trent Baalke became GM

There you have it. Trent Baalke should be around for quite a while, and last night he drive home with a belly

February 10, 201245

Jason Whitlock tweets racist joke about Jeremy Lin

  Unlike Tony Bruno’s remark about supposed “illegal alien” Ramon Ramirez, Fox columnist Jason Whitlock isn’t even going to delete this tweet. He

February 10, 20125

The winners of 2 pairs of tickets to Tim Hardaway Bobblehead Night are…

Just got back from Flipper’s, where David Fucillo (lead editor at Niners Nation and SB Nation Bay Area) helped me with our

February 09, 20122

Klay Thompson’s an NBA starter … now what?

Klay Thompson wasn’t invited to the Rookie/Sophomore Game. Ekpe Udoh wasn’t either, and he was picked earlier in the draft than Thompson

February 09, 20123

49ers will bring Carlos Rogers back … or will they?

I was listening to Matt Barrows the other day on the radio on some show, I think it was Damon Bruce. In

February 09, 201229

Jeremy Lin goes “Linsane,” making Warriors’ failed pursuit of DeAndre Jordan even more painful

Plenty of “Linphomaniacs” are running their mouths these days, calling the Warriors stupid for letting Jeremy Lin go. He was a fan

February 08, 20126

San Francisco Giants Media Day: a video recap

Friday’s San Francisco Giants Media Day went better than I ever could have expected. Over a 2-hour span I was able to

February 08, 20120

Brian Wilson on Spring Training and rehab (on Alcatraz?)

The last two videos from San Francisco Giants Media Day feature Brian Wilson, who was speaking to a few reporters mostly about

February 08, 20122

Nate Schierholtz on being less “bulky,” playing CF and his “Giant” wedding party (video interview)

For a quiet, unassuming guy, Nate Schierholtz is one of the most polarizing players on the San Francisco Giants’ roster. You’re either

February 07, 20121

Eric Surkamp: “I know there’s guys that are ahead of me”

Continuing with the interviews from Media Day, now it’s time to check in with Eric Surkamp. Surkamp dominated in Double-A Richmond, going

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