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February 07, 20129

BASG Giveaway: 2 Pairs of Warriors tickets (Tim Hardaway Bobblehead Night)

Who doesn’t like bobbleheads? Who doesn’t like Run TMC? Who doesn’t like Sara Lee? The answer to each of those three questions…

February 07, 201212

Andrew Baggarly moving from the Merc to CSN Bay Area

In a move that seemed inevitable after CSN Bay Area let Mychael Urban go in November, CSN Bay Area has added Andrew Baggarly

February 07, 20124

Alex Smith’s future

By Scott Warfe With the passing of yet another NFL season comes a dawn of a 49ers fan tradition, of sorts. It

February 06, 20124

Tim Lincecum, fast food connoisseur: Tacolicious > Taco Bell (video interview)

I knew I should’ve put this video in a post immediately after uploading it to YouTube on Saturday! It was found by

February 05, 201213

Yep, the 49ers would have crushed the Patriots

Does anyone have any idea how the New York Giants only scored 21 points? Maybe that’s just their deal. They held onto

February 05, 20123

Buster Posey interview: talking masks, rehab and squatting (video)

Only baseball could cause a group of adults to stand in a circle around another adult, asking him serious question after serious

February 05, 20125

Super Bowl XLVI prediction: NY Giants will do NFC proud

Before the playoffs started, back when many people figured the Packers and Saints were as close to offensive perfection as we’d ever

February 04, 20120

Jim Harbaugh wins AP Coach of the Year, players go Award-less

The other postseason awards from the AP were in doubt, but not Coach of the Year. Jim Harbaugh led the San Francisco

February 04, 20121

49ers and Raiders end of season report cards

The Super Bowl is coming up tomorrow, and with it, the end of the 2011 NFL season. Both Bay Area teams are

February 04, 20121

Tim Lincecum on Buster Posey, the Giants’ “unspoken leader” (video)

The second time I visited Tim Lincecum’s suite yesterday during the San Francisco Giants’ Media Day (click here to see the first

February 04, 20121

Matt Cain on contract negotiations, country music and avoiding HRs

My 90-year-old grandmother watches every Giants game, and even keeps score. When I was a kid, her favorite Giant was Kirt Manwaring.

February 04, 20121

Tim Lincecum interview: Giants vs. Dodgers rivalry is alive and well

Maybe we caught Tim Lincecum at a rough time last year during Media Day. Or perhaps the increased post-World Series attention and

February 03, 20125

Brian Wilson interview: he likes Mexican Pizzas, loves his beard

Brian Wilson wore an all-black ensemble, save for a little bit of gray on his Nike high-tops (not Air Mags this time,

February 03, 20124

Pablo Sandoval didn’t look fat to me – just happy

I’m wondering if I need to get my eyes checked. Supposedly Pablo Sandoval gained a considerable amount of weight during the off-season,

February 03, 20128

Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy star in ‘Meet the Bloggers’ (video)

The interview session started out with a casual conversation with Bruce Bochy. We had questions for the manager of the San Francisco

February 03, 201214

Monta takes over the game, gives back to his “Mob”

Curry’s Corner. D Wright Way. Biedrins’ Buddies. David’s Lee-ders. We see the signs around Oracle Arena at the bottom of the upper

February 02, 20124

Super Bowl recipes for the vengeful 49ers fan

by: Sports Girl Liz After the 49ers lost to the NY Giants in the NFC Championship game, BASG and I both loudly

February 02, 20129

NFL approves $200 million in funding for 49ers’ Santa Clara stadium

The pain of a home NFC Championship Game loss was probably dulled somewhat for Jed York today, as the NFL pitched in

February 02, 20123

Which Free Agent QB will be Manning the 49ers next season?

By Scott Warfe Earlier today, a source close to the 49ers intimated that the team has no interest in bringing a Manning

February 01, 201212

Dennis Allen: the right kind of “defensive” coach for the Raiders

By Raiders Sports Guy As everyone has already said, the last time the Raiders hired a defensive Head Coach, his name was

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