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March 07, 201225

Peyton Manning isn’t coming to San Francisco – and that’s okay

What a difference a year makes. If I put up a poll asking whether the San Francisco 49ers should go after Peyton

March 07, 201214

Oakland Athletics issue statement on territorial rights, Giants Dugout Stores

Think the Bill Madden story rankled the Oakland A’s, just a little? Today the Athletics released a statement on “sharing Bay Area territory,”

March 07, 20121

Sharks cling to No. 8 seed after loss to Oilers

Although at times the NHL seems silly for awarding a team one point in the standings for taking a game to overtime,

March 06, 20126

Jerry Rice thinks Michael Crabtree should lose weight

How good could Michael Crabtree be? It’s a question most of us have stopped asking, figuring the answer lies in the numbers.

March 06, 201235

San Francisco Giants staying on KNBR through 2018

KNBR will continue covering the San Francisco Giants on the radio for at least the next seven seasons, with Cumulus CEO Lew

March 05, 20126

49ers WR search: is Mike Wallace worth Larry Fitzgerald money?

The only losers after Monday’s rousing game of tag football might be the Pittsburgh Steelers. Handicapped by their salary cap situation (estimated

March 05, 201217

Rajon Rondo and the Warriors aren’t a good match

Would you trade Stephen Curry for Rajon Rondo? On first glance, many would do that deal without blinking, backing the decision with

March 05, 20120

It’s time for Sharks fans to panic

The San Jose Sharks’ road struggles have officially followed them back to the Bay Area, as evidenced by their 1-2 record since

March 05, 20121

Despite off-season focus, Giants aren’t getting baserunners up to speed

Last week, BASG contributor Joey McMurry identified what might amount to a shift in offensive philosophy: small ball. Nate Schierholtz went so

March 04, 20120

49ers WR search: Top 5 from the Pac-12

Jim Harbaugh coached Doug Baldwin and Ryan Whalen, then the 49ers drafted Ronald Johnson. It wasn’t that Harbaugh and Trent Baalke were

March 04, 20121

Extra Wild Card: MLB eschews traditionalism, copies NFL

I can already hear the grumblings after the first elimination games brought to us by Bud Selig’s extra Wild Card. Traditionalists crying

March 03, 201212

New Orleans Saints “bounty” program didn’t accomplish much; will the NFL in response?

So the New Orleans Saints were caught for doing something many NFL teams do in one way or another? Too bad that,

March 02, 20127

Why the 49ers should pass on signing Hines Ward

Before the end of the regular season, here’s what I had to say about a couple of wide receivers who’ve been on

March 02, 201267

Gary Radnich: KNBR signed Larry Krueger to 2-year contract

Caught a little of the GARY RADNICH SHOW (with Larry Krueger) on my way to the gym this morning. Coming out of

March 02, 20126

Trading for Chris Kaman might not be a terrible idea for the Warriors

Trading Monta Ellis for Chris Kaman, who’s very much available these days, does not sound sexy. Young, fast and explosive, versus not

March 02, 20128

Giants promotional gimmicks we better not see or hear

Aside from ticket sales and World Series memorabilia, I would venture to guess that a huge portion of the team’s revenue stems

March 01, 20124

San Francisco Giants hoping to steal some runs in 2012

There’s been a lot of talk around Giants camp lately about the concentration on baserunning. With the team’s biggest power addition still

March 01, 201219

On the San Francisco Giants and female fans

As I write this post, the San Francisco Giants are streaming their workout and intrasquad game, and KNBR’s Murph and Mac (Brian

March 01, 201256

KNBR and The Game’s Dan Dibley lobbing Twitter grenades at each other again

The battle for Bay Area radio listeners’ ears had another flareup. 95.7 “The Game” has been promoting that their morning show has

March 01, 20124

49ers 2003 re-draft is done – now it’s time for a 2004 do-over

The results of last week’s re-draft are in. Hindsight (brought to you by Dr. Scott Hyver Lasik Eye Surgery Center; the same

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