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February 01, 201213

Warriors’ bench shows off motor, starters coast (and sit)

Perhaps it’s a tale of self interest. The Warriors’ starters, with pedigrees and/or salaries that provide security, know that if they finish

January 31, 20128

On replacing Frank Gore

With every day that passes after losing the NFC Championship in overtime, it seems like our 49ers Wish List gets longer. First,

January 31, 201221

Think you can be a sports talk host? The Game’s giving you a chance to prove it

We’ve written a post or twenty about the Bay Area’s sports talk stations and the hosts they pay to talk all day.

January 31, 201211

2012 NFL free agents: 6 WRs the 49ers probably won’t sign

By Scott Warfe Since Michael Crabtree’s self-deactivation in the NFC Championship game, the “pundits and scribes” have been enmeshed in anticipatory waiver wire

January 30, 20126

Pat Burrell on the brain

Pat Burrell officially announced his retirement today, which led to shock throughout a baseball world that was pretty sure Burrell announced his

January 30, 20127

How the 49ers and Raiders could help each other

If you were wondering, the answer to the above headline doesn’t include the words “Santa” and “Clara.” Mark Davis’ comments show that

January 28, 20124

History says 49ers should bounce back from NFC Championship loss

Losing the NFC Championship still hurts, perhaps even more for those too young to remember all the other times. Sounds like the

January 27, 201210

Mark Jackson shows frustration with Biedrins, Udoh, overall effort

Some wondered why the Warriors gave $7 million to Kwame Brown shortly before this season started. Now they know why, because we’re

January 27, 20125

Giants sign Ryan Theriot, Clay Hensley to non-guaranteed contracts

Henry Schulman had an interesting note about the San Francisco Giants signing Ryan Theriot, who’ll compete for a utility spot: Sabean loves competition,

January 26, 20123

Grading the 49ers’ free agents

It’d probably make more sense to grade the San Francisco 49ers based on how they performed over the past season, a season

January 26, 201215

Peyton Manning to the 49ers? Not worth it

On Jan. 14, Ted Robinson ordered everyone listening to “never doubt Alex Smith again.” On Jan. 22, despite the 49ers’ play-by-play announcer’s

January 26, 20121

Mark Jackson pushes Ekpe Udoh, coddles Andris Biedrins

No doubt, the Blazers were tired on Wednesday night, their third game in three nights. Gerald Wallace, who took an extremely punishing

January 26, 20124

Should Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry switch roles?

Monta Ellis scored 4 points on Wednesday. The Golden State Warriors defeated the Portland Trail Blazers 101-93. The last time Ellis scored

January 25, 201232

Cohn: 49ers ‘need to teach Harbaugh how to interact with the media’

As I was finishing up the post that effectively took the metaphorical bridge that never really existed between myself and the Cohn

January 25, 201224

After Jim Harbaugh’s first important loss, Lowell Cohn finally gets his chance to attack

I didn’t have any real access to the 49ers at all this season, besides the last training camp practice open to the

January 24, 20124

Giants and Tim Lincecum agree: two years, $40.5 million

The San Francisco Giants and Tim Lincecum avoided an arbitration hearing, as reports have the two sides agreeing on a 2-year contract

January 24, 201221

Thoughts on the Kyle Williams situation from someone who’s suffered multiple concussions

By Raiders Sports Guy I’ve had a few concussions, unfortunately … one so serious I peed my pants and was out cold

January 24, 20128

Is Marty Ball for Oakland?

By Scott Warfe The Raiders, in a very un-Raider-like move, are conducting a diligent search for their next head coach. Among those

January 24, 201210

NY Giants believed Kyle Williams’ past concussions made him vulnerable

The New York Giants felt going into the NFC Championship that Kyle Williams’ past problems with concussions — including a recent brain

January 23, 201211

What to do about Michael Crabtree

In an effort to superstitiously boost Michael Crabtree’s performance on Sunday after a quiet game against the Saints, my wife and I

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