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October 30, 20111

49ers win on the run, drop magic number to 6

There will be plenty of time this week to focus on the finer points — why the San Francisco 49ers were unable

October 30, 20117

Giants sign RP Javier Lopez to a 2-year extension

According to multiple reports, the San Francisco Giants and reliever Javier Lopez have agreed to a 2-year, $8.5MM contract extension. Lopez has

October 30, 20110

Stanford, Luck, Pac-12 breathe huge sigh of relief

After watching the first half, dinner plans took precedence. Sensing greatness over the next couple hours, I recorded the rest of the

October 28, 20115

NFL Picks, Week 8: which team(s) will go 0-16?

It’s been a pretty great season so far for the Detroit Lions. Sure, they’ve lost their last two games and their best

October 28, 201110

Game 6 of the World Series was amazing (and the Rangers are in trouble)

Back in 2002, I had a few of my friends over from hundreds of miles away in the little in-law unit I

October 27, 201113

Alex Smith is not a new quarterback, no matter what the media says

The latest story line coming out of the media for the 49ers seems to be that Alex Smith has turned some kind

October 27, 20115

49ers to face shorthanded Cleveland Browns offense

So far in 2011, Pat Shurmur’s Cleveland Browns’ offense has been about as exciting to look at as their uniforms … uh

October 26, 20118

5 reasons why Terrell Owens is not coming to the 49ers

Terrell Owens has been sports talk gold for over a decade for plenty of reasons, not the least of which because he

October 26, 20113

San Francisco Giants offseason update: Belt, Crawford hitting well

The bad news (at least for me): I don’t have the budget to fly to the Arizona Fall League, or (better yet)

October 25, 201152

Damon Bruce: Gary Radnich ‘whined … like a little girl’

Pretty interesting exchange between Damon Bruce and a caller at the end of his show’s first hour on Tuesday, around the 39-minute

October 25, 20116

The three winners of a copy of ‘Miracle Ball’ are…

I’m pretty impressed — and humbled — by both the number and quality of the responses to Friday’s “BASG Giveaway: ‘Miracle Ball

October 25, 20113

49ers enjoy a very productive ‘improvement week’

The last time we saw the San Francisco 49ers on an NFL field, Jim Harbaugh upset Jim Schwartz when he followed exuberant

October 24, 201111

When the shine wears off a new relationship…

Watching the Raiders lose to the Chiefs was a lot like the day you realize She (or He) isn’t perfect. The first

October 23, 20115

Stanford Cardinal football: they’re even better in person

Jim Harbaugh and the Stanford Cardinal football team still are very connected, which means the San Francisco 49ers and Stanford are connected.

October 21, 201130

BASG Giveaway: ‘Miracle Ball – My Hunt for the Shot Heard ‘Round the World’

You’ve all heard Russ Hodges exclaim, “The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!” You’ve seen the replay of Bobby

October 20, 20112

49ers game-winning TD drive, play by play

We talked about the San Francisco 49ers’ defense and special teams and their roles in Sunday’s 25-19 win over the Detroit Lions.

October 20, 20113

NFL Picks, Week 7: rebounding from a shameful week

I got to watch the last four minutes of the 49ers/Lions game with my dad, who stopped by with my stepmom on

October 19, 20113

It was all good just a year ago: 2010 NLCS Game 3

The St. Louis Cardinals beat the Texas Rangers 3-2 in Game 1 of the 2011 World Series, and it was a solid

October 19, 201115

10 reasons why nobody cares about the 2011 World Series

Whenever the masses consider low ratings an inevitability, it’s almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. People are sheep. The reason why so many people

October 18, 201111

He isn’t Jim Plunkett, but if you look hard enough…

This California boy won a Heisman trophy at one of California’s most storied college football programs before being drafted in the first

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