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June 28, 20100

Monday Roundup: a great weekend to go outside

In the age of instant information and access, it’s curious that all we seem to want to do is reassert that something

June 25, 20106

Udoh? More like Who-doh! Get it?

Seeing as I’ve been calling Ekpe Udoh a “poor man’s Serge Ibaka” for a week now, I can’t say the Warriors totally

June 24, 20103

Cohan moving sale! Get your Monta and Biedrins for cheap!

The Warriors are like a single guy in his mid-20’s who’s getting ready to move abroad. Six months out, he knows he

June 23, 20104

Soccer sucks … wait, we love soccer!

Have you ever gotten goose bumps to the point where it feels like you’ve grown a full beard instantly? Like the hair

June 22, 20104

Warriors in full salary dump mode

Warriors fans, your dreams have finally come true. Dan Gadzuric finally gets to call Oakland his professional home. If you enjoyed Mikki

June 12, 20103

Tim Lincecum’s mission: become Greg Maddux

I’m hardly the first person to compare the Giants’ starting rotation to the 1990’s Braves. But at this point, it’s too obvious

June 10, 20100

The lineup the Giants SHOULD have

Alright, we’re going to keep it light today. ADD time. Or is it ADHD time? Wait, what were we talking about again?

June 09, 20101

NBA Action, it’s Make-Uptastic!

You’d think for a bunch of guys who are supposed to be the best in the world at their jobs, they’d be

June 04, 20100

It’s Pat! (See ya later, John Bowker)

He’s a local guy, grew up near Santa Cruz and went to Bellarmine. Even though he’s from pretty much the same area

June 03, 20101

Lakers! Celtics! It’s the 2010 NBA Finals Preview!

Think about this series long enough, and you’ll get twisted up in your own thoughts. For as long as we can remember,

June 02, 20105

The matchup that will determine the 2010 NBA Finals

While both the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers bring back teams to the 2010 NBA Finals that are relatively intact compared

June 01, 20100

5 questions facing the Giants

After the first couple months of the season, it’s pretty clear we know all we need to know about the San Francisco

May 26, 20100

Hey Giants: Get a leadoff hitter!

Wow, that was exciting. Talk about our lives changing after the Giants braintrust got together to fix the offensive woes. Yep, we’re

May 26, 20100

Quit squirrelin’ around!

The title of this post used to be my junior high P.E. coach’s favorite expression. If we didn’t line up along the

May 24, 20100

Giants shuffle the dreck

Don’t get it twisted, my last post wasn’t a call for the Giants to pick up Pat Burrell. He can’t field, he’s

May 22, 20104

Predicting Sabean’s inevitable reactionary move

There’s no way the Giants’ offensive struggles will keep going on like this, at least not with this group of players. John

May 21, 20100

Getting ready for the weekend…

You ever have people ask you sports questions that are impossible to answer? If I had a dollar for how many times

May 21, 20104

The local media scene — it’s changing

Everybody’s on the Internet. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. Nobody knows how the future is going to unfold, or how

May 19, 20101

Giants winning in spite of Sabean’s fear of speed

Until last night’s exercise in catharsis against the vaunted San Diego Padres, people wracked their brains. How could the Giants lose and

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