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January 18, 20120

Aldon Smith named Defensive Rookie of the Year by PFW/PFWA – AP next?

Aldon Smith finished 0.5 sacks behind Jevon Kearse’s rookie record of 14.5 set back in 1999, but Smith’s year was still good

January 18, 20121

Victor Cruz wants even more attention from the 49ers?

The first time New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz faced the San Francisco 49ers, on Nov. 13 at Candlestick Park, he

January 17, 201213

Reviewing the flurry of San Francisco Giants arbitration moves

I’ve been all about football lately, so the other two teams I cover “full-time” (the Giants and the Warriors, who beat the

January 17, 20121

Latest San Francisco Giants “Inside the Clubhouse” – Posey, Sanchez and prospects

I got a chance to check out the latest installment of the San Francisco Giants a few hours before it airs on

January 17, 20122

5 reasons why the 49ers’ coverage team’s use of “Tony Montana” rules

  Of all the major team sports, football’s the one where the live experience is valued least. It’s true, being at the

January 16, 20126

49ers vs. Saints aftermath, part 2: professional video, amateur video and video games

I haven’t re-watched the NFC Divisional Round game between the San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints yet, because my wife caught

January 16, 20122

49ers vs. Saints aftermath, part 1: the final 3 TDs (en Español)

I can’t wait for the NFC Championship Game on Sunday. The time between now and 3 pm on January 22 seems like

January 15, 20126

49ers fans loudly assume team’s new identity

There has never been a louder crowd in San Francisco 49ers history than the one that filled Candlestick Park on Saturday. Seismic

January 15, 20126

49ers vs. Saints: Just like an episode of Friday Night Lights

By: Sports Girl Liz I’m exhausted today. And not just from screaming as loud as I could for four hours straight, but

January 15, 201222

Where Alex Smith took over

Voice: gone. Energy: expended. I watched Game 1 of the 2010 World Series in person a little over a year ago, and

January 13, 20124

Heading to The Stick as a fan … and I’m ready to get LOUD

I get to go to the 49ers’ first playoff game in nine seasons. Not because the 49ers suddenly had a change of

January 13, 20123

49ers vs. Saints: BASG’s non-expert prediction

As seen in the post where I compiled picks from all those experts, a good portion of people throughout the country see

January 13, 20125

Some irrational reasons the 49ers will beat the Saints

I am normally a cold calculating, numbers-driven, rational person, but I am having all sorts of trouble doing that with the upcoming

January 13, 20122

49ers vs. Saints: what the experts think

We’ve devoured all the information we could, pored over all the stats and set our DVRs. Now we’re about 24 hours away

January 13, 20126

Undermanned Warriors resort to Hack-a-Howard

Mark Jackson coached tonight almost as if in protest. “Why basketball Gods? Why have you forsaken me????” Jackson wasn’t quite defiant in

January 12, 20121

Larry Riley praises Andris Biedrins’ newfound alertness

Here at my first Warriors game of the year, and Larry Riley answered some questions pregame after explaining the Kwame Brown injury

January 12, 20127

With Kwame out indefinitely, Udoh should start over Biedrins

I’ll be heading out the door shortly to attend my first Warriors game of the year, and while much of the focus

January 11, 20122

49ers vs. Saints: scouting zebras

When people attempt to break down NFL playoff matchups, almost every potential variable gets scanned and scrutinized. Then the game starts and

January 11, 20123

Anthony “Boobie” Dixon rapping = best Lasik commercial ever

I know I’m falling into a certain doctor’s trap by writing this post and providing him with free advertising, but with the

January 10, 201216

Warriors upset Heat, Joe Lacob freaks out

It’s official: Joe Lacob is the anti-Cohan. As Nate Robinson and Dorell Wright fueled an unlikely fourth quarter comeback after the Warriors

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