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February 10, 20090

NBA Tuesday: Warriors week that was

Now that ESPN’s Ric Bucher is reporting what we’ve already been suspecting all week, that the Warriors have offered a package including

February 10, 20090

NBA Tuesday: Post-injury fantasy advice

In case you haven’t noticed, NBA players have been dropping like flies this season. And not just any players, really good ones.

February 09, 20090

Bashing Cleveland fans and Mark Jackson, along with some links

I know I haven’t been posting enough links lately, so it’s high time we again gave some shine to some of the

February 09, 20091

Amare Stoudemire, the Warriors’ latest bad idea

Finding out Chris Brown played the role of Nolan Ryan to Rihanna’s Robin Ventura (only this time Rihanna’s face got bruised up

February 07, 20092

Alex Rodriguez was juicing in 2003, according to SI

Sports Illustrated is reporting Alex Rodriguez tested positive for two performance enhancing drugs in 2003, a revelation sure to create a media

February 06, 20094

Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Part 1: Catchers

Drafting catchers in the first four rounds is always dangerous, much like picking a tight end early in fantasy football. Still, Victor

February 05, 200925

Boston’s Public Enemy No. 1: Derek Fisher

I can see Bill Simmons bursting through the back door of his house, running into his backyard in a rage, throwing his

February 05, 200914

Justin Fargas’ house makes Yukmouth a star

Pro Football Talk found a video last night including a cameo from Justin Fargas that made Tom Cable’s first week on the

February 04, 20090

Al Davis on TV! Al Davis on TV! Al Davis on TV!

We’re here live at the BASG Epicenter, watching the Raiders’ press conference announcing the permanent hiring of Tom Cable. Man, I can’t

February 03, 20090

NBA Tuesday: BASG Power Poll

Before I list the current hierarchy of the NBA, let’s introduce a new feature: The NBA rap lyric of the week. I

February 03, 20090

NBA Tuesday: Warriors week that was

Monta Ellis left last night’s loss to the Spurs early in overtime after spraining his left ankle (yep, the bad one). According

February 03, 20095

NBA Tuesday: Bynum’s knees shatter easily

You know what isn’t “G?” Andrew Bynum’s knees. You’ve seen those Gatorade commercials, right? Everybody from Derek Jeter to Peyton Manning to

February 02, 20091

Michael Phelps couldn’t wait to enjoy a super bowl

Sorry about taking so long to write since the Super Bowl ended; I just got back from a swimmers’ Super Bowl Party

January 31, 20091

I gotta say, yesterday was a good day

As Chick Hearn might say, the refrigerator door’s closed and the Jell-O Shots are jiggling. At the official BASG apartment (or as

January 31, 20091

And your Super Bowl winner is…

Last night before I went to bed I caught the half-hour compressed show about Super Bowl XXXVI on ESPN, where the Patriots

January 29, 20090

NBA All-Recognition Team selectors better recognize

It took the Rookie/Sophomore Game lineups getting announced for me to remember this, but Greg Oden’s a rookie! I know, crazy right?

January 29, 20090

Cardinals need an Edge to win Super Bowl XLIII

So far the top ten questions regarding Sunday’s Super Bowl read as follows: 1. If Larry Fitzgerald wins has a great game,

January 28, 20090

Singletary’s choice for OC: Jimmy Raye

After weeks of interviews and deliberation, Mike Singletary has finally settled on that fat offensive lineman with all the concussions from Varsity

January 28, 20090

49ers’ Super Bowl legacy in Kurt Warner’s hands

During the evening after the AFC and NFC Championship Games had just concluded I got a text message from my buddy Mac

January 28, 20092

Nuschler back home where he belongs

Sure, the San Francisco Giants have their faults: zero World Series Titles in over 50 years, the most powerless offense in the

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