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September 16, 20116

Sleep cycle causes local blogger to miss Pablo Sandoval’s … cycle

I totally missed Pablo Sandoval’s cycle. I slept through the home run, woke up for the single, then slept through his double

September 15, 201121

KNBR tiptoes around the Bill Neukom thing

Bill Neukom was pushed out as the San Francisco Giants Managing General Partner, a story that broke on Wednesday afternoon. Big news,

September 15, 20112

Postgame notes: because the Giants did actually play a game on Wednesday

These days, posting something on a blog about a game that ended ten hours before is like a newspaper’s front page talking

September 14, 201112

Giants’ win overshadowed as executive committee forces out Bill Neukom

The news hit the press box right after most of us had come back from the clubhouse. Bill Neukom, no longer the

September 14, 20119

Thanks for making BASG ‘The People’s Champ’

This isn’t false modesty or any humblebragging. I’m really, truly shocked I won the “People’s Choice” portion of CBS San Francisco’s Most

September 13, 20110

Giants take 12 innings to score 3 runs, emerge victorious

Going to have to make this quick, because my wife’s out of town and our dog has been stuck in our apartment

September 13, 20114

Has Pablo Sandoval gained the weight back? Does it matter?

If Pablo Sandoval were a boxer or mixed martial artist, we’d know exactly how much he weighed, instead of only when he

September 13, 20110

Giants draft picks Crick, Susac and Oropesa meet the press

The walked in together, all sporting versions of the Brandon Belt outfit (Giants home jerseys over dress shirts). 2011 second round pick Kyle

September 13, 20114

Giants bats wake up without the pressure of games mattering

I don’t want to be a Negative Nancy, Debbie Downer or Bummer Brenda, but I’m not celebrating this recent Giants offensive explosion

September 12, 20110

49ers sign Ian Johnson, otherwise known as the ‘Boise St. Proposal Guy’

The San Francisco 49ers swapped practice squad tailbacks, replacing Xavier Omon with Boise State legend Ian Johnson. Johnson, who was recently released

September 11, 20114

49ers win opener, bring back West Coast … special teams?

Ted Ginn had the ball in his hands, what, a full minute longer than any other 49er against Seattle? Along with a

September 10, 20112

The Jonathan Sanchez Decision

Would you pay good money to see a movie with the same title as the headline of this post? Probably not, since

September 09, 20112

Postgame notes: another tough luck game for Tim Lincecum

The Giants fell 8.5 games behind the D-Backs on Friday night. And the hated Dodgers — who pulled out a 2-1 victory

September 09, 20110

Affeldt out for the rest of the season, Bochy on Pill’s aggressiveness, Vogelsong on his ‘story’

Leave it to the Giants to ruin a perfectly good Willie Mac Award afternoon with news of their strangest injury in a

September 09, 201116

Bruno tweets he’s going on with Radnich, KNBR goes with Ned Colletti instead

Another day, another awkward sequence takes place between 9 and noon on KNBR 680. Last night, @TonyBrunoShow tweeted an announcement that excited

September 08, 201112

Tony Bruno leaves Fox Radio, heads back to Philly

Perhaps Tony Bruno realized complaining about “illegal aliens” while living and working in Los Angeles was a sign? Whatever Bruno’s or his

September 08, 20111

NFL picks, Week 1: grain of salt edition

Even though after the lockout nobody really knows what’s going on, I’m going to jump back into this NFL picks thing. Partly

September 08, 20117

Giants baseball: feigning surprise over consistent ineptitude

On Wednesday the fans lost it on Twitter. Again. Over the Giants’ lineup. Again. Because Bruce Bochy benched Brandon Belt and Brandon

September 07, 20112

Why David Garrard isn’t the answer for the 49ers

David Garrard became available as a free agent after the Jaguars somewhat surprisingly released him yesterday, and within seconds of the news

September 07, 20112

Brett Pill continues Giants’ improbable run of keeping things interesting

Brett Pill hit a home run in his first Major League at-bat, and provided another reason to watch the San Francisco Giants

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