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January 04, 20090

To Manny or not to Manny (cost/benefit analysis)

The San Francisco Giants have always toed the line between striving for a World Series title and running a profitable business. Such

January 02, 20090

2008 BASGY’s: Part 2

On the first day of 2009, it’s official: we can all look back on 2008 and laugh. Sure, by all accounts 2008

December 31, 20080

2008 BASGY’s: Part 1

As 2008 comes to a close tonight, so too does the first full year of Bay Area Sports Guy. And what a

December 28, 20084

Niners go old school, grow mustaches

December 27, 20080

Centerless Celtics aren’t winning 70 games

December 27, 20080

Sabean’s new Unit’s an NL West Killer

December 26, 20082

Celtics loss to Lakers may be P.J.’s gain (or Dikembe’s)

December 21, 20082

Mike Singletary and Shaun Hill save their (2009) seasons

December 19, 20081

Nelson and Mullin aren’t talking, and Randolph isn’t playing

December 18, 20082

Joe Starkey to stop calling 49ers games

December 17, 20080

2008/09 Warriors: go small or go home

December 15, 20081

Is this a Niners game or Church Chat?

Picking up the pieces after last night’s lively party at our apartment celebrating the tenth anniversary of yours truly becoming legal to

December 13, 20080

San Francisco forecast: wind, with chance of Holmgren

As I sit here at my desk, watching a storm zoom towards San Francisco from the west with a windswept quickness that

December 11, 20081

Terrell Owens takes the “Cheaters” route

December 10, 20080

The Giants have to do something, but what?

December 08, 20081

King of the Hill

The question no longer is whether Mike Singletary will be the named the permanent head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. Surely

December 06, 20084

Tim Lincecum MLB 2K9 press conference (transcript)

On Tuesday I got to visit the 2K sports studio in Novato, where they do all the motion capture for their excellent

December 05, 20081

Don’t let the transplants take over, and other rules for Bay Area fans

Imagine the excitement the 49ers will feel on Sunday afternoon, getting ready in their home locker room. Back home after an actual

December 04, 20081

San Francisco Giants sign Edgar Renteria

November 28, 20086

BASG Interview with Kevin Love

Here’s an interview I did in September (2008) with Kevin Love, who was doing press for NCAA Basketball 09, where Love is

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