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November 30, 20110

Can the Raiders kick it? Yes, they can!

The statistics may or may not support the following statement, but I’m going to say it. There has never been a better

November 30, 20115

Warriors’ hopes center on Ekpe Udoh

Training camp starts on Dec. 9 for the Golden State Warriors, and with it comes the new tradition of fighting over whether

November 29, 20112

Braylon Edwards’ season keeps getting worse

Braylon Edwards has had some great seasons in the NFL, including a pretty good 2010 campaign, and he was available to the

November 28, 20113

Do Nicole Vogelsong’s emoticons mean Ryan Vogelsong will be back?

In what turned out to be a relatively disappointing season for the San Francisco Giants, the story of Ryan Vogelsong was a

November 28, 201159

KNBR vs. 95.7 “The Game” … who’s winning the radio wars? You decide!

(Click HERE for the KNBR vs. 95.7 FM “The Game” sports talk radio survey) I didn’t plan on this site becoming a local media

November 27, 20112

NFL Playoffs: the 49ers’ quest for a first round bye

Seattle somehow lost to the Redskins at home on Sunday, which means that at worst the 49ers will end up in a

November 27, 20110

Fried chicken for the Fighting Irish

CSN Chicago needed a local person to cover things from a Fighting Irish perspective, kind of like how CSN Northwest had me covering

November 26, 20112

NFL Picks, Week 12: so much football, so little time

It’s about 1:45 as this post goes live, which means I have to leave my apartment in about 10 or 15 minutes

November 25, 20111

5 things we learned from 49ers vs. Ravens

The 49ers didn’t exactly need this game. Their lead in the NFC West is practically insurmountable, they had two built-in excuses before

November 25, 20111

When the 49ers and family values collide

Don’t get me wrong, Thanksgiving was good last night. It was good for the Harbaugh family on the field, and it was

November 23, 20111

NFL Thanksgiving picks (yes, including the HarBowl)

So I’m supposed to be helping my wife with the pre-Thanksgiving Day cooking instead of writing this post. A couple weeks ago,

November 23, 20112

Baltimore Ravens’ defense vs. NY Giants’ defense: who’s better?

It will take at least ten years of soft play and terrible tackling for the Baltimore Ravens to shed the reputation of

November 22, 20117

A birdbrained “HarBowl” angle we’re all missing

Are you tired of hearing about the Harbaugh brothers yet, and their upcoming “HarBowl” on Thanksgiving evening? Probably not if you’re a

November 22, 20110

Jim Harbaugh’s 4th down decisions

Before I start I want to make it known that I might have some … let’s just say “controversial” views when it

November 21, 20116

Jim Harbaugh’s assistants are going to get expensive

Anyone who writes about the 49ers is in a different predicament than usual. Before, it was a race to assign blame. Now,

November 21, 20112

Baltimore Ravens’ offense vs. NY Giants’ offense: who’s better?

We know what the 49ers bring to this year’s Thanksgiving table: a fast, physical defense that forces teams to abandon the run

November 20, 20116

49ers force 5 turnovers, suffocate the Cardinals

The game wasn’t pretty, and it won’t be remembered as an example of great sportsmanship. On Sunday the Cardinals saw their NFC

November 20, 20110

First half update: 49ers’ defense pulling all the weight so far

The only thing worse than the 49ers settling for field goals six times: David Akers missed three of them and the Cardinals

November 20, 20117

Maybe God isn’t on the Raiders’ side, but they have Carson Palmer

Last night, I lost sleep because of God. More accurately, I lost sleep because of Jesus. The Raiders lost to the Broncos

November 19, 20112

Raiders’ biggest obstacles against the Vikings: Peterson and penalties

The Oakland Raiders really need to beat the Vikings. That’s the bottom line. They showed a lot in last week’s victory over

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