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November 20, 20117

Maybe God isn’t on the Raiders’ side, but they have Carson Palmer

Last night, I lost sleep because of God. More accurately, I lost sleep because of Jesus. The Raiders lost to the Broncos

November 19, 20112

Raiders’ biggest obstacles against the Vikings: Peterson and penalties

The Oakland Raiders really need to beat the Vikings. That’s the bottom line. They showed a lot in last week’s victory over

November 19, 20112

49ers vs. Cardinals: Anthony Davis, Niners’ “cute” o-line ready to “kick ass”

Since this 49ers team doesn’t have much of a track record, every single game provides a unique challenge fans can either relish

November 18, 20118

San Francisco Giants’ ticket prices and payroll are rising, but at different rates

On Wednesday SFGate ran a story Henry Schulman wrote about Larry Baer, and while Schulman’s story leads with how Major League Baseball was

November 18, 20113

San Francisco 49ers’ All-Pro Possibilities

Getting named to the Pro Bowl is nice, but the players chosen NFL First-Team All-Pro are in another class. Pro Bowlers are

November 17, 201110

NFL Picks, Week 11: KNBR’s paid ‘betting advice’ segments are a joke

You can look at the bottom of this post and laugh at my record against the spread this season. It’s fine, I

November 16, 201129

Damon Bruce to host show on KGO

At the end of Damon Bruce’s KNBR 1050 show on Wednesday afternoon, he announced that he recently agreed to host a show

November 16, 20117

49ers vs. Giants: NFL Network Replay reveals a team that believes

In case you don’t have the NFL Network or missed the 90-minute replay of the 49ers/Giants game, a contest that marks the

November 16, 20114

David Akers and Andy Lee are having career years

The San Francisco 49ers signed David Akers at the end of July, and while a good percentage of Niners fans have probably

November 16, 20111

Anthony Dixon rapped about the 49ers making the Super Bowl over a year ago

The San Francisco 49ers’ 8-1 record is one of the NFL’s biggest surprises, but running back Anthony Dixon saw this day coming.

November 15, 20118

The case against signing Carlos Beltran

When the Giants were known to be looking for offensive help back in July, Carlos Beltran was a popular choice among most,

November 14, 20114

Frank Gore’s knee seems OK, but 49ers’ decision to bench him was a great sign

Frank Gore entered yesterday’s game as the most feared player on the San Francisco 49ers after rushing for over 100 yards in

November 14, 20119

Jim Harbaugh’s incredible rise through the coaching ranks

The San Francisco 49ers are guaranteed to be at least a .500 team which in itself makes Jim Harbaugh’s first year a

November 13, 201117

49ers prevail after NY Giants dare Alex Smith to beat them

Vernon Davis caught the ball on the run, and that was different in itself. Opposing teams have been focusing on Davis as

November 12, 20113

Stanford vs. Oregon: all the info you need, right here

Are you ready for the game? It’s in three hours, which means I need to get myself showered up (don’t judge me!)

November 12, 20111

Five Reasons why the Raiders’ Glass is half full

The Oakland Raiders are at the top of the AFC West at the halfway point in the regular season. Before haters say

November 11, 20114

Prediction: San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Giants

As this season has transformed from mildly intriguing to the first stages of premature parade-planning for the 49ers, Sunday’s game marks yet

November 10, 20112

NFL Picks, Week 10: the flaky AFC West

The San Diego Chargers always seem to have a supremely talented team that can’t come through in the playoffs. This year, Philip

November 10, 201137

Bay Area sports radio war rages on: October ratings edition

When we last left our two competing sports radio stations the regular season baseball was just finishing up and KNBR had a comfortable

November 09, 201119

Joe Paterno doesn’t deserve a nickname

Up until now I hadn’t written anything about the Penn State tragedy. Not because I didn’t care or hadn’t done any research,

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