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April 07, 20083

Protesting: The Official Pastime of San Francisco

Since I already decided against skipping work Wednesday to watch the Olympic Torch Relay, I thought I was going to miss all

April 07, 20082

For What it’s Worth, the Schedule Favors the Warriors

With all the talk about how awesome the NBA’s Western Conference has been all season, it’s kind of funny to watch the

April 05, 20080

I’ll Happily Work While the Young Giants Play

Work helped me out big-time today. Sure, I’m working towards a paycheck and all that, but today the assistance from my job

April 04, 20086

Rally Like it’s 1975!

Lately, it seems like there have been some Negative Nancy’s hanging around the Warriors games (and Giants, 49ers and Raiders). But I’m

April 04, 20080

Will Favre Move to Florida to Un-Retire?

Should we take Brett Favre at his word? If you read what I wrote about his retirement, you know that I’m not

April 03, 20080

Now That’s Giants Baseball!

One run scored on a Dodger error, the other on a sacrifice fly. Lincecum enters the game in the fourth inning, BEFORE

April 03, 20080

Beane Meltdown … guaranteed!

Are the A’s really moving to Fremont or not? Everyone seems to be in agreement that Billy Beane has been whittling his

April 03, 20082

Don’t Change MY Name to Negative Nancy

There’s been a lot of Negative Nancy’s chirping about the Giants lately, myself included. True, it seems like nearly every road game

April 02, 20080

Opening Day – We Knew it was Coming

Yesterday morning I took my bike out and cruised around the city, early enough so I wouldn’t miss the Giants face the

March 31, 20084

NCAA Tournament Predictions: How’d I Do?

After writing my Nantzatron column, I got one comment: You should post an updated analysis of your top 16. I’d like to

March 29, 20084

No Sign of Barry After the Divorce

In a move that makes hypocrisy sound like an understatement, the San Francisco Giants have decided to remove all Barry Bonds signs

March 28, 20085

Where Ink Happens

March 28, 20080

How Long Until A-Rod Gets the Bonds Treatment?

Those who hate Barry Bonds will no doubt take pleasure in his upcoming federal trial, even though it won’t be televised. Just

March 26, 20080

Best Baseball Team in the Bay? Look East, My Friend

Billy Beane is certainly not perfect. While he has let several players go over the years, with mixed success, Beane did go

March 26, 20082

From Movie Script to Footnote

Well, that didn’t work. But as they say: no harm, no foul. That’s the best way to look at today’s news that

March 25, 20080

Warriors Won’t Win in Playoffs

With visions of Derek Fisher doing a clumsy tango with Monta Ellis still in their heads, Warriors fans may have a tough

March 24, 20087

Phone Fun and Baron on Skates: Just Another Fantasy Baseball Draft

Fantasy sports is a socially acceptable form of Dungeons and Dragons. Instead of 20-sided dice, D&D books and a cape, the fantasy

March 22, 20080

St. Mary’s Falls off the Tracks

March 21, 20080

OK, Maybe I Overrated the Pac-10, and Other NCAA First Day Thoughts

While UCLA, Stanford and Washington State throttled their weaker opponents, USC and Arizona (two of my Sweet 16 picks, that’s right) bowed

March 21, 20081

Everything According to Plan – For the First Four Hours, Anyway

So far, so good. Only one game picked incorrectly, as UNLV ran Kent State out of the gym. I thought Kent State

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