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October 17, 201112

Here’s why Jim Harbaugh may have wanted to stick it to Jim Schwartz

Since as Stanford’s head coach Jim Harbaugh famously ran up the score on Pete Carroll’s USC Trojans, leading to the infamous “what’s

October 17, 20114

Harbaugh: 49ers with the “best defensive performance … I’ve ever seen!”

It’s impossible to look at the San Francisco 49ers’ 25-19 win over the Detroit Lions and pick one player or unit that

October 16, 201111

Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz do not part as friends

Coaching fraternity? Jim Harbaugh don’t need no stinkin’ coaching fraternity! In a game where the Niners won in spite of an incredible

October 14, 20117

NFL Picks, Week 6: Tim Tebow, one prediction I got right

It’s widely agreed upon that fan favorite Tim Tebow doesn’t have the footwork, mechanics or experience of Kyle Orton. Tebow isn’t as

October 13, 201156

Source: KNBR bracing for major cuts on Friday

Cumulus Media has the machete out. According to a source close to the situation, KNBR employees are extremely worried that huge cuts

October 12, 20116

San Francisco Giants have very little room for free agents

Now that everyone’s joined me on the “Giants and Jimmy Rollins are destined for each other” bandwagon, I’m going to have to

October 11, 20114

49ers’ biggest test (so far): the Detroit Lions

At first glance, these two teams seem like they arrived at this point in wildly different ways. The Detroit Lions are 5-0,

October 11, 201110

Bud Norris isn’t a fan of Brian Wilson’s Taco Bell commercial

Bud Norris of the Houston Astros pitched quite well against the San Francisco Giants in August, which makes him pretty much like

October 11, 20114

If TMZ is to be believed, Terrell Owens may not be the 49ers’ best option

After Joshua Morgan went down with a fractured ankle yesterday, an injury which will require surgery and could possibly land Morgan on

October 10, 20117

That’s it, I’m locking out the NBA

Today the NBA lockout finally brought the loss of regular season games. Most of us knew this was coming. If so many

October 09, 20118

Joshua Morgan fractures ankle – what are the 49ers’ WR options?

Joshua Morgan’s been the 49ers’ best wide receiver this season, so the news that Morgan sustained a fractured ankle late in Sunday’s 48-3

October 09, 20119

49ers destroy the Buccaneers, 48-3

With a 3-1 record many considered to be the product of a relatively easy opening schedule, a significant coaching upgrade and some

October 09, 20117

Raiders win for Mr. Davis

If you are a Raiders fan, and you missed the team’s first game after Al Davis’ death, you missed something very special.

October 08, 20115

Al Davis won’t live forever after all

Even as the deteriorative effects of aging became more and more evident during his yearly press conferences, Al Davis seemed like he

October 07, 201129

NFL picks, Week 5: Fleet Week is a writer’s worst enemy

Being able to work at home has many perks. Not sharing a communal microwave with coworkers who insist on torching popcorn when

October 06, 20111

Young A-Rod fan really loves grabbing his dad’s face

There’s so much going on in this picture, and I can’t tell if this is actually a group of Yankees fans in

October 06, 20114

Following Tiger Woods at the Open

If Tiger Woods wore a dreadlocks wig and a 49ers No. 38 uniform with the helmet visor, you’d have absolutely no idea

October 05, 201129

Bay Area sports radio war rages on: ratings edition

Bay Area Sports Guy is kind of known for its local sports radio coverage. Look no further than earlier today with “the

October 05, 201121

Ralph Barbieri tells SF Chronicle he has Parkinson’s

In an interview with Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle, KNBR’s Ralph Barbieri announced a secret he’s kept for a long

October 05, 20114


Before I dive into watching video on what the 49ers and Buccaneers did during Week 4, here are five bits of multimedia

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