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August 31, 201177

Gary Radnich and Damon Bruce: first day after the breakup

Gary Radnich’s best moments on the radio have been when he speaks to the audience like they’re intelligent people. I don’t mean

August 31, 20112

Madison Bumgarner keeps hope alive for the Giants

Giants fans celebrated the banishments of Miguel Tejada and Aaron Rowand from the roster the same way fans celebrate a ballyhooed free

August 31, 201125

Gary Radnich and his wife met with 95.7 ‘The Game’ about switching from KNBR to FM

According to an industry source, Gary Radnich and his wife Alicia recently reached out to 95.7 “The Game” to explore the possibility

August 30, 20112

When the fans turned on the Giants

What was loud at AT&T Park on Tuesday night? The sounds made when the Chicago Cubs made solid contact, particularly Alfonso Soriano’s blast

August 30, 2011104

KNBR bombshell: Damon Bruce out, Larry Krueger to co-host with Gary Radnich

Gary Radnich is coming back to KNBR after his long vacation after all. But he won’t be working with Damon Bruce. Only

August 30, 20112

Notes from the Giants’ clubhouse: a cigar, but no victory

The first time I entered the Giants’ clubhouse was Tim Lincecum’s last start. And what a glorious Wednesday night it was. Rap

August 29, 20112

No way to sugarcoat this one

Randy Wells is one of the easiest starting pitchers to hit a home run against in all of baseball, allowing 1.78 HR

August 29, 20111

Bruce Bochy on Jonathan Sanchez’s ankle and pitching BP to Pat Burrell (video)

Way more crowded in the dugout this afternoon for Bruce Bochy’s pregame interview session than last time I was here (Wednesday vs.

August 29, 20116

KNBR update: Radnich still missing, Ratto gets 2 daily segments

Gary Radnich still wasn’t in the studio on Monday morning, but he has an excuse: Hurricane Irene, which messed up travel plans

August 28, 201110

Giants stubbornly refuse to score 4 runs per game; Miguel Tejada needs to go

As I walked into my apartment and turned on my television after getting back from a weekend trip to San Diego, the

August 26, 20110

Eric Surkamp reportedly called up by Giants, 40-man move awaits

Enough the rants, back to clearing dead weight. Hopefully, anyway. If we’re to believe the reports, Eric Surkamp is on his way to

August 25, 20115

Giants baseball: how soon we forget last year’s lessons

Yes, the Giants just added another footnote to Astros manager Brad Mills’ resume. That’s right, they scored only one run in six

August 25, 20114

Uncharted territory: the San Francisco Giants’ clubhouse

I looked at my media pass on Wednesday afternoon in hopes that the word “clubhouse” wouldn’t be blacked out with a marker

August 24, 20110

Carlos Beltran returns triumphantly, but isn’t pain-free

This isn’t the same Carlos Beltran you remember from Kansas City, flying around center field and stealing bases with ease. He’s one

August 24, 20110

Report from AT&T: Bochy gives updates on Wilson and Romo (video)

I’m at AT&T Park, and it’s been a hectic afternoon. I didn’t get to the bus stop in time so I had

August 24, 20117

Deadspin accuses Damon Bruce of calling for racial profiling, then takes it back

On Monday, in the aftermath of what by all accounts was one of the ugliest days in Bay Area sports history, the

August 24, 20113

Heath Bell could slide to the Giants? Yes, please!

According to Buster Olney, the Giants were awarded a waiver claim on San Diego Padres closer Heath Bell. Even though the Giants

August 23, 20111

Giants too sloppy to deserve a second chance

When the Giants came back to tie the game in the 8th, the crowd went crazy. Not only did the Giants come

August 23, 20110

Nate Schierholtz Giants’ latest injury victim – what else is new?

It seems like every time there’s an off day for the San Francisco Giants, when they come back to the park there’s

August 23, 20111

Time for a new hashtag: #JailAaronRowand

Aaron Rowand has gone 85 at bats without walking. No reason to differentiate between plate appearances and at bats in Rowand’s case,

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