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October 06, 20114

Following Tiger Woods at the Open

If Tiger Woods wore a dreadlocks wig and a 49ers No. 38 uniform with the helmet visor, you’d have absolutely no idea

October 05, 201129

Bay Area sports radio war rages on: ratings edition

Bay Area Sports Guy is kind of known for its local sports radio coverage. Look no further than earlier today with “the

October 05, 201121

Ralph Barbieri tells SF Chronicle he has Parkinson’s

In an interview with Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle, KNBR’s Ralph Barbieri announced a secret he’s kept for a long

October 05, 20114


Before I dive into watching video on what the 49ers and Buccaneers did during Week 4, here are five bits of multimedia

October 04, 20118

Jim Harbaugh looks even better compared to Singletary and Nolan

After the last 49ers practice with full media availability, near the end of training camp, Jim Harbaugh met informally with a group

October 04, 201115

Best Giants Halloween Costume Ever

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I love thinking of fun ideas that haven’t been thought of before.

October 03, 20111

Raiders aren’t ready for prime time … yet

I was just googling the Raiders/Patriots box score to see what Wes Welker’s total stats were on the game, and in the

October 03, 20110

Mark DeRosa’s proud of how the Giants stuck with him (videos)

As baseball fans shift their focus to the postseason, the Giants’ season and players are no longer daily topics of conversation because

October 03, 20113

The time I was Brian Wilson’s stand-in

I guess the embargo’s over and I can talk about this, so here goes. About a month ago I was hired for

October 02, 201112

49ers’ comeback win in Philadelphia changes everything

The 49ers were never going to “suck for Luck.” And such a notion sounds absolutely insane now, with the 49ers sitting at

October 01, 201110

What Moneyball Should Have Taught Us

With the release of the Moneyball movie there has been quite a bit of revisiting the A’s of the early 2000s and,

September 30, 20119

NFL picks, Week 4: Costco free sample etiquette

I went to Costco yesterday, and every time I go there I’m fascinated with how most people react to the free food

September 29, 20117

Pat Burrell and Aubrey Huff

Based on his reaction when taken out in the 7th inning yesterday for Brandon Belt as well as after the game, it

September 29, 20112

Projecting the MLB Playoffs (UPDATED 9/30)

The baseball playoffs are getting started tomorrow afternoon and while there are no Bay Area teams (or California teams for the first

September 29, 20116

15 takeaways from the Brian Sabean (and Bruce Bochy) press conference

A lot to cover from this morning’s press conference, which was dominated by Brian Sabean. That was probably a good thing, since

September 29, 201156

Cumulus wants Ralph Barbieri to take a pay cut

Can you imagine KNBR without Ralph Barbieri, the station’s first sports talk host? Well hold onto your Amici’s box, because there’s a

September 28, 20117

One-on-one interview with Sergio Romo

To say Sergio Romo is popular among Giants fans is like saying candy’s popular among elementary school students. Romo, especially among the

September 28, 20114

Well, I made it…

I wanted to write a postgame recap of last night’s silly feel-good Giants game that, besides Madison Bumgarner pitching 7 shutout innings,

September 28, 20112

Matt Cain’s Historic Home Run Prevention

Matt Cain is an outlier that has given people who look at advanced pitching stats fits. He consistently outperforms the predicted level

September 27, 20114

Giants’ last night game a casual affair

As I write this in the press box, I can see Jon Miller interviewing Bruce Bochy behind the cage. Miller’s short-sleeve shirt

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