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January 07, 20080

NFL Playoff Sunday: Hits and misses

Some thoughts after watching both NFL Playoff games on Sunday: Brandon Jacobs is really, really good. He was the reason the Patriots

January 06, 20083

Gotta love old movie theaters

Went to the Empire Cinemas last night in San Francisco to see Juno. Just a fantastic experience all around. The movie itself

January 05, 20080

Chris Paul – Better than Baron?

The Chris Paul vs. Deron Williams debate has been a pretty popular one over the last year and a half, which is

January 04, 20080

Don’t give Gailey a chance

Just heard Chan Gailey will be the first guy interviewed for the 49ers’ offensive coordinator job. That’ll start about as many kegstands

January 03, 20080

Beane’s the boss

Every general manager knows that one terrible trade can sink his career. Except Billy Beane. Even though he has fewer resources to

January 01, 20080

Nolan’s demotion not enough

I turned on KNBR this morning and heard the tail end of a Michael Silver interview with Murph and Mac. Of course,

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