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September 27, 20110

Targeting Vernon Davis = Success

I bet that if you asked Jim Harbaugh what the key to the 49ers offense is he wouldn’t say anything because Harbaugh

September 26, 20114

Ryan Vogelsong caps incredible comeback season

How good has Ryan Vogelsong’s story been this season? 1. So good that even though he wasn’t on the 2010 World Series

September 26, 20115

San Francisco Giants: modern organization, old school GM

This afternoon I and presumably many of you out there received an email from the desk of Bruce Bochy. Now I always

September 25, 20112

49ers win ugly against the Bengals; Hunter outshines Gore

The last time the 49ers started 2-1 was in 2009, and the way that season began was eerily similar to how Jim

September 24, 20116

Giants flame out in grand fashion

Mike Fontenot ran into an umpire, and fell backwards onto the infield dirt. No, really. In the first inning, Fontenot actually ran

September 24, 20110

NFL picks, Week 3: football, uninterrupted

Oh, Sunday’s going to be awesome. For the first time this NFL season, no plans. No family, no brunches, no early dinners.

September 23, 20115

Congratulations to the Arizona Diamondbacks

The Arizona D-Backs didn’t win the National League West because Buster Posey and Freddy Sanchez got hurt. Posey and Sanchez wouldn’t have

September 23, 20115

Sabathia predicts Rollins to the Giants in 2012

Jon Heyman created a minor stir this morning when he brought up something CC Sabathia told him about Jimmy Rollins’ future. By

September 23, 20111

If the D-Backs clinch this weekend, Giants fans should just look away

What are you going to do when the inevitable happens? Sure, the Giants could sweep the Diamondbacks, but they couldn’t even take

September 22, 20112

Alex Smith’s secret concussion and how David Garrard could fit in

When a quarterback gets sacked six times in one game, any kind of resulting brain trauma should be expected. But when news

September 22, 20114

Giants audition for 2012 while clinging to hope in 2011

There really isn’t any point in detailing all the different ways the Giants could make the postseason. If you were able to

September 21, 201172

How long will KNBR keep Gary Radnich around?

Based on the responses I get whenever I mention Gary Radnich, several people have tuned him out completely. “I have no idea

September 21, 20110

Braylon Edwards undergoes knee surgery, will be ‘out for a little bit’

Anyone who’s watched the 49ers since Terrell Owens left knows they haven’t had a downfield threat for quite some time. When they

September 20, 20114

A Giants game we didn’t really need to watch

Any one of us could have written the script for this game. If you’ve seen enough of these games, especially the ones

September 20, 20115

Dissecting the 49ers’ offensive line, play by horrible play

After gaining only 206 total yards offensively against the Dallas Cowboys, the conventional wisdom was that the offensive line was to blame.

September 20, 20110

Week 2 recap from Raiders Sports Guy

The Raiders showed me more in their week two loss at Buffalo then they did in their week one win. First things first, Denarius

September 19, 20112

49ers could’ve used a 12th man (and a cornerback, pass rush, etc.) vs. Cowboys

Candlestick Park was taken over by fans of the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. Does it get any lower than that for 49ers

September 19, 20111

Playing Monday Morning Head Coach

It’s time to play some Monday Morning Quarterback (actually more like Monday Morning Head Coach) and breakdown that gut wrenching loss that

September 18, 20113

Once again, it’s all about Tim Lincecum vs. Clayton Kershaw

One can only imagine how much fun the Giants are having after sweeping that 4-game series against the Rockies. Loud dominoes games

September 18, 20113

No idea how the Giants won last night — literally

Instead of in my regular location during what has become a very strange version of pennant race baseball — the couch —

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