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June 24, 20087

My Day of Thunder: NASCAR Toyota /Savemart 350 at Infineon Raceway

June 23, 20080

Lincecum v. Ellis v. Willis: Who’ll be the king of the Bay?

June 14, 20080

Giants, fans get soaked at AT&T Park

To watch a Giants game at Mays Field these days, you have to have a sense of humor. Anybody who can do

June 11, 20084

Give me what I want or I’m telling!

“It’s entertainment, you know? We make records. It’s entertainment, that’s all it is. It’s like our (expletive) jobs.” – Dr. Dre, The

June 10, 20084

Don’t bet against the Giants … or your grandparents

My Nana (and yes I call her Nana, because if I called her Grandma she wouldn’t even respond — you have to

June 02, 20081

Are the Giants pitching yet?

While getting ready to remind everyone that the Giants only scored five runs in 32 innings against San Diego at home, Fred

May 31, 20082

Goodbye Pistons, and good riddance

May 31, 20080

Kobe scares ‘em like Mike

May 28, 200811

That’s MRS. Kobe Bryant to you!

Vanessa Bryant, Kobe’s loving and faithful wife, has been through a lot. She’s a survivor. She went through the Kobe sex scandal a

May 26, 20080

Live, from AT&T Park: their Oakland Athletics?

While the San Francisco Giants were across the continent losing two games to the Florida Marlins, I was sitting in right field

May 22, 20080

Work is better With Brian Wilson and Fred Lewis

May 20, 20082

Jon Lester’s a Boston guy we can all root for

ESPN goes pretty overboard in their coverage of the Red Sox and Yankees, leading most of the non-Northeastern portion of the country

May 19, 20088

My first Bay to Breakers

As the gate to my apartment building shut behind me I looked to my right. Next door there were three women, one

May 14, 20080

Magowan’s second Barry mistake — the final straw

On the morning after Matt Cain tried to take back the mantle of best pitcher (and sometimes, hitter) on the team from

May 13, 20080

Making fun of cars

May 12, 20086

Marvin Harrison: just another gun-toting NFL star?

Surprisingly little has been said about Marvin Harrison’s latest legal problems, showing again the near-religious deference football receives in this country, from

May 10, 200811

And the lead official for tonight’s game is Martin Scorsese

One of the biggest problems the NBA faces is how much control its officials have over playoff games. Even before the Tim

May 10, 20080

Besides Nate Schierholtz, not much help on the horizon

Since the Giants seem to be going through quite the rough stretch, getting swept by the Pirates and all, let’s take a

May 08, 20085

Where creepy happens

And just for fun … For all of you who are watching the NBA playoffs I’m sure you’ve noticed something more than

May 08, 20083

The Giants’ offense is ruining Barry Zito

Today’s start by Barry Zito may have given the Giants the wakeup call they needed. Today Zito went five innings, giving up

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