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September 08, 201112

Tony Bruno leaves Fox Radio, heads back to Philly

Perhaps Tony Bruno realized complaining about “illegal aliens” while living and working in Los Angeles was a sign? Whatever Bruno’s or his

September 08, 20111

NFL picks, Week 1: grain of salt edition

Even though after the lockout nobody really knows what’s going on, I’m going to jump back into this NFL picks thing. Partly

September 08, 20117

Giants baseball: feigning surprise over consistent ineptitude

On Wednesday the fans lost it on Twitter. Again. Over the Giants’ lineup. Again. Because Bruce Bochy benched Brandon Belt and Brandon

September 07, 20112

Why David Garrard isn’t the answer for the 49ers

David Garrard became available as a free agent after the Jaguars somewhat surprisingly released him yesterday, and within seconds of the news

September 07, 20112

Brett Pill continues Giants’ improbable run of keeping things interesting

Brett Pill hit a home run in his first Major League at-bat, and provided another reason to watch the San Francisco Giants

September 06, 201134

Damon Bruce returns to KNBR 1050

Damon Bruce is a guy who’s been known to come out firing. Just ask the Giants about how he treated them on

September 06, 20112

Injury questions loom for Giants in 2012

Guess I picked a good weekend to leave the grid, unplug or whatever term you want to use for what it means

September 03, 20113

Giants, with the help of rally rags, invoke the best kind of deja vu

For at least one night, the season didn’t seem lost. Far from it. The Arizona Diamondbacks scored a run in the first

September 02, 20110

Pregame notes: a lighter Buster Posey’s here; Bochy on Wilson and tonight’s lineup

Buster Posey’s in the house for tonight’s version of WIN OR GO GOLFING, and besides a few less pounds than before he

September 02, 20114

For 49ers, low expectations could be a blessing

My wife’s sister’s boyfriend has a subscription to ESPN The Magazine, and when we visited the two of them in San Diego

August 31, 201177

Gary Radnich and Damon Bruce: first day after the breakup

Gary Radnich’s best moments on the radio have been when he speaks to the audience like they’re intelligent people. I don’t mean

August 31, 20112

Madison Bumgarner keeps hope alive for the Giants

Giants fans celebrated the banishments of Miguel Tejada and Aaron Rowand from the roster the same way fans celebrate a ballyhooed free

August 31, 201125

Gary Radnich and his wife met with 95.7 ‘The Game’ about switching from KNBR to FM

According to an industry source, Gary Radnich and his wife Alicia recently reached out to 95.7 “The Game” to explore the possibility

August 30, 20112

When the fans turned on the Giants

What was loud at AT&T Park on Tuesday night? The sounds made when the Chicago Cubs made solid contact, particularly Alfonso Soriano’s blast

August 30, 2011104

KNBR bombshell: Damon Bruce out, Larry Krueger to co-host with Gary Radnich

Gary Radnich is coming back to KNBR after his long vacation after all. But he won’t be working with Damon Bruce. Only

August 30, 20112

Notes from the Giants’ clubhouse: a cigar, but no victory

The first time I entered the Giants’ clubhouse was Tim Lincecum’s last start. And what a glorious Wednesday night it was. Rap

August 29, 20112

No way to sugarcoat this one

Randy Wells is one of the easiest starting pitchers to hit a home run against in all of baseball, allowing 1.78 HR

August 29, 20111

Bruce Bochy on Jonathan Sanchez’s ankle and pitching BP to Pat Burrell (video)

Way more crowded in the dugout this afternoon for Bruce Bochy’s pregame interview session than last time I was here (Wednesday vs.

August 29, 20116

KNBR update: Radnich still missing, Ratto gets 2 daily segments

Gary Radnich still wasn’t in the studio on Monday morning, but he has an excuse: Hurricane Irene, which messed up travel plans

August 28, 201110

Giants stubbornly refuse to score 4 runs per game; Miguel Tejada needs to go

As I walked into my apartment and turned on my television after getting back from a weekend trip to San Diego, the

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